Holistic Core Restore® ZenWomen programme

What is Meditation? How Does It Positively Impact Your Life?

Overall, a Meditation practice can be seen as a form of Mindfulness.  In this course, we’ll mainly focus on being mindful on the breath and monitoring our breathing cycle as a means of anchoring to the PRESENT MOMENT.  Why the PRESENT MOMENT as opposed to letting your mind hang out in the past or future?  Because, it’s in the PRESENT MOMENT that the magic happens!  More on this later! 

What Is Mindfulness?  How Does It Positively Impact Your Life?

As its name implies, the ‘Mindfulness of Breathing’ uses the breath as an object of concentration. By focusing on the breath you become aware of the mind’s tendency to jump from one thing to another to go into the future, go into the past and spend very little time in the PRESENT MOMENT.

What is Gratitude and How Does ‘Expressing Gratitude’ Positively Impact Your Life?

It’s literally impossible to hold both gratitude and any negative emotion in your mind simultaneously.  Every time we choose gratitude as a default we crowd out the negative. 

How This 7 Week Programme Works

  1. Your first step is to REVIEW THIS MANUAL IN FULL, so you’re aware of the foundation principles of this programme – Meditation, Mindfulness and Gratitude and then complete your Mindfulness Audit.
  2. You will meet with Hazel your coach weekly, virtually or in person – your coach will make these arrangements personally.
  3. Each session will comprise of a welcome to the session, an introduction to the programme and on the first week and a review of your Mindfulness Self-Audit. Thereafter, you’ll start by reviewing the homework that was set for the past week/session. You’ll then take part in a meditation, the style and focus will alter each week but to improve your ‘endurance’, the duration of each meditation session will increase each week as the course progresses.  Initially, you’ll start with a 5-10 minute session and hopefully by the end of this course, you’ll be able to sit comfortably for 15-20 mins………..OR EVEN MORE!
  4. The session ends with your coach going through the ‘homework’ for the week ahead which will always include your own meditation practise and a Mindfulness Task.
  5. Throughout your week, you are encouraged to complete the Daily Journal and Gratitude task with a view to potentially taking part in the discussion at the beginning of every group session.
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