Scar Tissue Massage

Scars and scarring can present us with many problems, which sometimes we underestimate, they can restrict movement, give us pain, create a build-up of scar tissue and adhesions can form, there can be numbness, lack of feeling, when can then lead to a lack of healing.

Scar’s from surgeries such as hysterectomy, oophorectomy, C-Section and other abdominal surgery procedures can affect many areas of the body not just around the scar, we therefore need to look at the body as a global unit, from head to toes, they all play a part.

We can move, creating a feeling of being unstuck, reduce pain, increase blood flow to the affected area to improve healing, to return to your normal lifestyle activities.  

Scars can be new from post birth C-Section at 12weeks to 10-15-20 years old, it’s never too old to have lifestyle improvements and results.

With scar tissue therapy this hands-on approach, Hazel looks at the body as a whole, incorporation movement, exercise, nutrition, self-care, awareness, better sleep and a host of other benefits.   All these protocols need to be looked at for overall health, wellness, movement and lifestyle.

2 Sessions £180

3 Sessions  £270.00

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