Forget ‘stretching’, let’s RELEASE AND RE-ALIGN!   Let’s change the narrative about what we do to feel good in our skins on a daily basis.  Introducing HCR Rel-ease!  This programme will change FOREVER how you feel about ‘stretching’……

Aches, pains and changes to one’s posture are a standard part of life’s phase and indeed the life of any woman and man and any of us simply ‘put up’ with muscular aches and pains when there are simple, time effective, self-care solutions available to everyone.  Holistic Core Restore ‘Release’ is an ESSENTIAL part of any woman’s and man’s self-care toolbox.  Simple ways to ‘release’ muscular tension that draw on self-massage, myofascial movement, Yoga and Pilates traditions.   This programme also involves simple meditation strategies and ESSENTIAL Pelvic Floor and nervous system down-training which, we all know, is just as important as ‘doing the work’.  A delicious and ESSENTIAL part of any wellness strategy and suitable (with modifications) for all women.  Remember:  the function of your Pelvic Floor, the way you breathe, and the healing of your Diastasis all depend on optimal postural alignment…it truly matters, so how about we prioritize moving freely in our daily life?

Poor sitting and standing postures build unwanted pressure through the Core and keep muscle in a position that’s unhelpful when we want our bodies to function, pain-free and optimally.

Venue:   The Malthouse, The Rookery, Alveston, Stratford U Avon, Warwickshire

Live Workshop (cancelled Covid19)

Online Workshop

Last Friday in the month 7.00-8.30pm

Cost £20.00

Really enjoyed it - felt very relaxed and more stretched out afterwardsThe stretching at all different angles to get to parts that don’t normally get stretchedFelt nice and relaxed after the session, and still feeling the benefit the following morning. Good fascia stimulation.Exercises not too challenging for a Friday night, but still had to work hard. Great ambience with soft lighting, aroma and music etc. Liked the relaxation bit at the end (who on earth decided to let off fireworks nearby at that point? Difficult to build into relaxation - but I love the way you carried on regardless! Liked the final touch of take away Epsom salts, unfortunately I don't have a bath to soak in, do they work in the shower too?! Super group of people

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