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Posted by Hazel Oliver
Hazel Oliver
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on Monday, 09 December 2013
in Health

Working Together


Working together

There is something to be said for working with or in a team
of like minded people.

We all want and are working towards the same things,
we support,
we share our experiences,
the highs, the lows
bounce ideas off each other
ask the WHY question?,
ie, why do I eat starchy carbs PW Post Workout?

share our emotions
we learn so much more about each other
and about what we are trying to achieve,
we help each other.....
whether it's a 14, 19, 28day fatloss plan, a detox or the foofoo club

I think of this when my lovely ladies and gents
are on their plans which I mentioned above.
Well, a number of weeks ago,
I contacted and had a meeting with Michelle from Therapy Fusion
(Specialists in healthcare, rehabilitation and pelvic health services),
based in Stratford Upon Avon.
With its strong connections
in women's and men's pelvic health
and having a physiotherapist that specialise in this field, which is amazing.
they are few and far between...!!!,believe me...., I've been looking.

I left some information about the Foofoo club with them, 
to take a look at and discuss with other members of their team,
to see if we could work together.

Anyway, weeks went by, and then this week I received a phone call,
saying they would love to get involved and support me in Foofoo club,
they loved the concept and the benefit's it brings to pelvic health,
they would refer their client onto me too.   
I'm so pleased to be involved with such a specialist company.

More brilliant news for FooFoo
We're in the POST, the Huffington post that is...!!!!, whoop, whoop !!
Check out the link.....FooFoo in the Huffington Post....

Foofoo full details and benefits are on my website  www.hazeloliverfitness.com

By the way, here's the link to book on....and have support for a lifetime



FooFooFunClub classes Starting Wednesday 8th January 2014

Eating Clean

As most of you know about my fatloss e-cook book and it take away all of your struggles and stresses of eating clean in an instance.

The most common question I get asked by my clients, class members, friends and family is.....…............... WHAT CAN I EAT?

It comes really easy for me to write a daily menu but for some of you it might not come quiet as naturally so I came up with the answer to all of your Nutrition problems and created a 30day meal planner cookbook, in a nutshell including:
30 Breakfasts
30 Lunches
30 Dinners

It's super simple.....
Because ALL of the meals in the cookbook are clean, following it for 30 days you will actually see a reduction in Belly fat, Bloatedness and Fatigue. See I knew you'd love it!!!
clink on my website link if you want a copy.. www.hazeloliverfitness.com go to E-plans
or here's the link....


 This link below is what got me thinking about my book...check out what causes a raise in ADHD in children.... Change you and your children's eating habits for the better

It's all the things I say not to eat in my book.....

Hazel "Clean eating" Oliver


We had another BIG birthday this week in the Stratford Booty crew.
So a "Happy birthday" to Sharron, it's a week of celebrations!!!

Christmas Class timetable
Last classes will be Friday 20th December. Commencing again in the new year on week commencing Monday 6th January 2014

Bad weather Policy
In the event of snow/bad weather, I will make a decision by 3pm on the class day, giving you enough notice not to attend the class

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