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Posted by Hazel Oliver
Hazel Oliver
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on Wednesday, 20 April 2016
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Turn up the HEAT and lose fat

Can you stand the heat?
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Are you wanting to restore your core
tone up, get stronger, fitter and move better
I'm doing #HCRHEAT in June
6 week Holistic Core Restore course #HEAT

I'm always one for looking at the body as a whole and not in isolation
how we can move better,
how we can function better,
how we nourish to flourish your bodies better.

Wanting to have a strong functioning core 
Holistic Core Restore HEAT and pelvic floor classes start 
Thursday June 9th 6.15pm at The Malthouse, Alveston 

The core isn't just one muscle, its about 10, depend on who you read and the science.
I'm going for 10+

So it don't make sense to do sit up's, to flatten your tummy 
if you have dysfunction
as it would create intra-abdominal pressure
onto the pelvic floor and a bearing down feeling

Also a ballooning/doming of the abdominals might happen
due to incorrect breathing pattern  
and that's what we don't want.
plus the normal sit up's isn't a functional exercise

The core
1.Internal 2.external oblique's 3. rectus abdominis 4. pelvic floor, 5 diaphragm, 6.multifidus  7. QL Quadratus lumborum 8, TA Transverse abdominis  9.erector spinae 10 glutes  small core lats, traps
For the core to activate all these muscle need to be working
together, loaded and unloaded.

Think about it for a minute
Picking up your shopping bags
or loading the pushchair in and out of the car
putting your baby in and out of the car seat

pushing the shopping trolley, it loaded full of stuff and so many more.
 We all do them without thinking

In affect they are loaded exercises.
Therefore train your core for it
strong from the inside out
heal from the inside out

so let's get on and
Restore your Core with HEAT

We will cover different exercise using weights, bands, balls, loops 
We'll look at pelvic floor function
Strength for bone health and density
Heart health too, as 1 in 2 women suffer

Here's the link to book on by the way



Hazel "core" Oliver


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Enjoy the Green, green grass Juice

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