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Posted by Hazel Oliver
Hazel Oliver
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on Monday, 19 November 2012
in Health

To be fit or not to be fit, this is the question

Hi Hazel,
To be fit or not to be fit, this is the question.
I have tried many different wacky methods over the years, I have worked in the Health Food sector for the past 15 years and prior to that in the pharmaceutical industry I have worked with (in)famous nutritionists and since finding wine have always struggled with my weight.
My wife introduced me to Hazel Oliver after she had some private personal training sessions, she has always been a dedicated gym bunny whilst I have always preferred the sauna.
When the idea of the Boot Camp was floated I was at first very reticent, training outdoors with strangers, but now into my second course I am a complete convert.
The feeling I have after my early morning 45 minute session is better than any Rioja, just imagine having your training done by 7am in the morning to leave you with the rest of the day feeling invigorated and able to take on the extra stresses and strains of the day.
Since starting this I feel that my life has improved from a physical sense and also from a mental sense, I don't feel as stressed any more. My friends and colleagues say that I have 'shrunk'. What has really happened is that I am now becoming more toned.
I realise that I am still a long way away from being a catwalk male model but in my little mind I am getting there and I just don't want it to stop.
Martin Greaves

thank you Martin ........, loved this from one of my #stratfordbootcamp crew...
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