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Posted by Hazel Oliver
Hazel Oliver
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on Wednesday, 14 October 2015
in Health

Them bones, them bones..!

Them bones, them bones!!..

Had a few questions this week on bones..!!.
What exercise I can do to strengthen?
so my number one answer is, lift weights and/or do bodyweight exercises.

Lifting weights or your bodyweight not only strengthen
and stimulates your whole skeleton system it adds stress
as bones like a certain amount of stress to function.
it adds muscle tone, muscle structure,
ligaments, tendons, will all benefit. 

Bone density and bone health.
There is a strong connection with
nutrition with absorption of vital vitamins and minerals,
antioxidants, enzymes, macro and micro nutrients,
EFA's, amino acid, fats, protein, carbohydrate.

My top 12 facts on Bone Health & Quality

1.   Peak bone mass is between 25-30years,

2.   Bone is reactive not proactive

3    Not all exercise is bone protective or bone stimulation (sorry but aqua is not, as its a non-weight bearing exercise)

4.   Calcium functions in the body

5    Calcium sources allies and thrives in GREEN veggie,  I know I keep   banging on about the GREEN veggie but they are SO important.

6.   Bone mass decline with menopausal years

7.   Bone depletes with
Fizzy drinks

8.  Calcium stores in the bone

9   Anybody can suffer from Osteoporosis.

10. Absorption is Key, therefore gut health is vital for bone health

11.  Lifting weight /bodyweights boosts your testosterone - increase libido..
12.  Hydration is a key element.

Getting hot and sweatly with exercise, is good,
Great sleep could be a side effect
Less stress, also brilliant to have less stress in your life.

So why am I telling you all this, 
Fitness Pilates hits the spot for the above and much more
Builds strength, tone, balance, structure stability, co-ordination,
posture, breathe, mobility, movement, and it functional.
So your bones, muscles and joints will love it.
If you don't Use it, you Lose it, in Bone health.

You can join me on my next course of classes,

We start
Monday 2nd November
at Meon Vale Village Hall 7.30pm

Thursday 5th November
at The Malthouse, The Rookery, Alveston Stratford Upon Avon

Link below to book on


Factors to thinks of
Vitamin D and sunlight, especially this time of year.
lack of exercise,
poor diet
excessive alcohol
excessive caffeine

Good for the Bones
Green veggie, raw and just cooked
Fermented foods, - yoghurts, blue cheese, (less acid)
apple cider vinegar - joint pain
lemon juice

Class News.
My classes finish for half term on Wednesday 21st October are all back to normal starting Friday 30th October 2015 up to the big C (Christmas)

Hazel " move them bones" Oliver 
Be Brilliant

Red Blush

Hit the link for the juice.

iframe width="420" height="315" src="/https://www.youtube.com/embed/RfiPJccrV2Y" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

Beetroot, sweet potato, lemon, carrots
High vitA, beta-carotene, blood builders & cleanser


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