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Posted by Hazel Oliver
Hazel Oliver
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on Friday, 17 May 2013
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The science of Biomechanics

The science of Biomechanics
Couldn't wait until my next newsletter to tell you about my weekend course with Intelligent Training System and their "#imovefreely" programme. The course was delivered by Rachel France Programme Director, Master Trainer, Specialist Biomechanics coach, and @JayneNichols GroupXTraining. This programme is based upon years of research and used by GB athletes.

As you know I'm always interest in the body and how it moves, to get effective movement with the least amount of effort but deliver great efficient power, giving amazing function, all at the same time.

I've attended many workshops/courses over the years and this was another fantastic one for me and being a guinea pigs for certain assessments gave me a deeper understand and meaning of them because I felt completely different from entering the room to leaving many hours later. My body felt different in such a short time of been worked on, like instant reward, normally if you go to a therapist you need an few follow up treatments.

Most therapies treat the symptom/s (pain) i.e., bad neck, back, shoulder etc and that's what they are trained to do as that's their job. But this looks for the cause of the pain in the first place, it questions the " why" do you have a bad neck/shoulder/back in the first place ?. If we find the dysfunction/inhibited area and treat that then there is no pain to treat, as we have treated the dysfunction of the hip (for example) which lead to the pain of the neck/shoulder. As the body is a kinetic chain, foot joint connected to the tibia(leg) patella (knee), femur, hip etc, you get basic the idea. You could I have pain in the shoulder, radiating down the arm for example but the cause could be from your foot/ankle joint -gait or hip and nothing to do with the area of pain in your shoulder.

Previously this programme "#imovefreely" was only available to elite athletes and Olympians but it is now being introduced more widely into sports, lifestyle and wellbeing industries, as it gives us better function, so we are "Fit for Purpose".
Companies are buying into the "imovefreely" ethos as it cuts down on sick days/injuries, days off work, so companies are getting more from their staff with less time off though illness, stress, depression, injury and/or bad health.

Jiri Dorvak who is a professor of neurology and the Chief Medical Officer for FIFA said the techniques used is MSAC (which is the imovefreely programme) consequently improve the function of the muscles, in a nutshell.

This programme is bridging the gap between group exercise fitness professional like myself and therapists or medical practitioners.
So, the effect of these assessment exercises can have an immediate effect on the body. As we are all different, some may take longer for others to help to put right as we are coming from different places.
The main objectives of imovefreely are
* The MSAC system is its relationship to prevention (injury) and preparation (your sport/discipline/wellbeing/lifestyle).
* Freedom of movement
* Pain reduction - better wellbeing & lifestyle
* Re-alignment of joints
* Improved performance
* Preparation for exercise,
* Correcting muscle imbalances
I'm already using some of the technique on my PT clients. This is not just for sport people but everybody, as so many people have bad backs, necks, legs, shoulders, niggles here and there. Some NHS regions have got imovefreely as a mobility for rehabilitation, wellbeing and lifestyle.

In the world we live in are things "normal" or "common"
for example, is back pain normal or common?

My finial thought, I leave you with .... situation
For 10 years you have been stretching your hamstrings, daily, weekly, after exercise, doing all the right things but they are still the same, with little or no improvement, "Why" is that?, question it, "Why" so maybe it's not your hamstrings that's the problem or needs work on but there's a pelvic dysfunction and that's the problem. Look at the cause not the pain.

Staying fit & healthy

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