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on Friday, 18 January 2013
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The Power of Detox

Newsletter                     January 18th 2013

Quote " Don't counts the days, make the days counts " .......Muhammad Ali

The first month of 2013 is nearly at its end, who started something new and sticking at it?, who stepped outside their comfort zone?, well done you..!.

What I'm up too......................,

Away on my course this weekend, weather permitting...

Class news....

All classes running as normal. Full details on website  www.hazeloliverfitness.com

I must give a big shout out to my BootCamp crew, who have been braving the early frosty mornings and enjoying (?) the snowy conditions. Well done guys and thank you.

Bad Weather Policies

Should we get a downfall of the white stuff snow or wet stuff rain causing disruption to major and main roads which are dangerous or closed. I will make a decision by 3pm that day, should I decide to cancel the classes. I will send e-mails, post on facebook and twitter. If however, you don't have access, you can text me after 3pm on 07813 210640 to see if classes are on or not.


After my first successful 7Day Detox Plan, I thought I would put an article together on the subject..

The Power of Detox              Quote "The Solution to Pollution is Dilution" Dax Moy

To Cleanse the Liver and Eliminate Toxins from the body.

By giving your diet and internal organs, especially your liver a regular cleanse, you can turn back the clock and feel and look younger for longer, sounds good to me, I'm in.

The problem is that we don't very often pay attention to cleaning ourselves on the inside until the wear and tear of ageing starts to show on the outside. Our skin is looking a bit tired, dull, skin blemishes, hair and nail brittle, low energy. What you eat and drink will be adding to this problem. We are what we eat and ingest.

The major player in a detox is your Liver(cleaning house) it act like a filtration system for all your ingested foods and liquids, it metabolises foods both healthy and harmful, i/e heavy metals, alcohol, medical drugs, caffeine. The Liver breaks down foods/drinks and harmful toxins through chemical reactions within the body, then it's stored in the liver. The good healthy nutrients are transported around our body in our blood and other systems, to the relevant parts that nutrients are needed and dropped off. Then eventually the toxins are eliminates via the bodies systems lymphatic, digestion, urinary-kidneys, respiratory-lungs and skin.(sweating, breathing, going to the loo)

The more unhealthy food/drink you consume the harder the liver has to work, the more healthy food/drink you consume the less the liver has to work. So it can do its proper job of extracting nutrients- goodness, cleanse and make energy (glucose, this is stores in the liver and muscles) and passing it to the working muscles and to vital organs that require it. The more effective the liver becomes at its job.

Other factor to consider is our lifestyles, causing extra stressors on the body, overwork, smoking, the commute to/from work. alcohol, emotional, (money, family, mental health worries) not to mention everyday impacts called xenoestrogen, plastics, pollution, dust & mits, perfumes, fumes, carpets, body lotions, wood etc, so overtime the toxins build up and up putting a load of stress on the liver, without whatever you throw at it on a daily basis. So if we don't do something about these damaging toxins, results in signs of ageing... skin problems, fine lines, fatigue, aches and pains, weight gain, extra pressure on joints and limbs, foggy memory, cellulite, indigestion, health issues diabetes, CHD, high cholerestrol, high blood pressure etc.

So what can you do.......? Eat yourself to a healthy, younger feeling and looking you............is a great start.

So you need to stop eating foods that a processed, which are full of additives and sugars that are added to preserve their shelf time, but not your health. Avoid drinking alcohol and caffeine.

Instead start eating healthy, fresh foods packed full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, micro and macronutrients dense foods. Start drinking plenty of water (1litre of water to 50lbs of bodyweight), caffeine free fruit and herbal teas, all this will help flush out harmful toxins and accumulated wastes.

By doing this you will eradicate some of the ongoing problems, such as low energy, skin blemishes and indigestion, poor sleep, feel tired and feeling and looking old.     As your energy level raise, you'll lose fat/weight, your skin will start to glow, you'll feel healthier and radiant and looking younger, always a bonus I recon.

So by making some healthy lifestyle changes for a healthier and happier you...

Eliminate the worst toxins from your eating plan now !!, here's my top 6.

1. Processed Foods - full of rubbish, perseveres, sugars, additives

2. Gluten/Wheat       - gluten is a protein, really hard for the liver to digest

3. Sugars                    - sugars make us fat.(processed, refined,)

4. Alcohol                  - toxic - made from grapes/hops, sugars, yeast, fermentation                                                    process giving us beer belly

5. Caffeine                 - toxic - the most high sprayed crop in the worlds food chain

6. Dairy                      - creates excess mucus, breathing, nasal issues



10 Successful Tips for Detoxing

1. Start your day with glass of water with lime or lemon

2. 3 meals/feeds a day (this gives the liver time to rest, instead of snacking/grazing where the liver has to work to digest the food/drink.) Smoothie are a great way to start you day, bursting full of alkaline veggie and fruits

3. Choose seasonal organic (if possible) veggie and fruits

4. Start eating alkaline veggie in your eating plan everyday ..asparagus, beetroot, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, fennel, watercress, rocket, kale, garlic, red onions, sweet potatoes, seaweed, leeks, spinach, carrots and tomatoes, they are also high in glutathione (a protein that helps eliminate toxins from the body)

5. Eat high alkaline fruits. pineapple, mango, apples, pears, kiwi, grapefruit, berries, lemon, lime, watermelon all great for detox.

6 Eat protein rich meats and fish, lean turkey, chicken, beef, venison, salmon, sea bass, mackerel, tuna, etc. Also beans, chickpeas....

7. Omega 3 fatty acids, almonds, walnuts, linseeds, flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds...brazil nuts... Omega 3 fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties and help with increase serotonin levels, lifting mood, brain and memory function.

8. Don't starve yourself...You can eat loads of foods, just make sure it's the right foods

9. Drink plenty of water, keep super hydrated. 1ltre to 50lbs of bodyweight..do the maths.

10. Healthy Helpers

For the kidneys...ginger grated in 500ml of water

For the liver.......Milk thistle, turmeric, spirulina, greens drinks, teas

For the bowels....flaxseeds

Bloating....chew on fennel seeds, ginger and water,

Metabolism boosters - garlic, spices, chilli, cayenne pepper, paprika, cinnamon

Detox Benefits


Feel Lighter and cleanser           Improved mood                  more alert

Cleared mind-set                            Less anxious                       More energy

Fewer sugar cravings                   look & feel younger         no headaches

Glowing skin                                   Improved digestion           Improved PMS

shiner hair                                        Sleep better                         weight/fat loss


After years and years of eating processed foods, drinking alcohol, caffeine, gluten/wheat, grains and sugars, your metabolism has taken a hammering, making it even harder to lose weight even once you start eating healthy.   Buy drinking smoothies both vegetable and fruits based can not only cleanse your liver but also help remove your body of toxins that have been accumulating over the year. Also it will rev up your metabolism, therefore improving your optional performance..

Here's busting recipes for you

JumpStart your Metabolism first thing in the morning.

Morning breeze

Juicer                                                                                    Smoothie

  • 4      large carrots                                 or           Half cucumber
  • 1 stalks      celery                                                1 celery stalk
  • 1      green apple                                               1      green apple
  • 1      cup spinach                                             handful spinach
  • Juice      of one lemon/lime                                 juice of lime or lemon
  • ¼      teaspoon cinnamon                                  1/4 tsp of cinnamon


Put all ingredient into blender and whizz until smooth, add ice cubes and drink.


The Green boost Zinger

  • 2      green apples
  • 2      pears
  • handful of spinach
  • 1 thumb      size of fresh ginger, peeled

Whizz all together until smooth , add ice cubes, drink...

The first week of every month I'm putting out my Magnificent 7Day Detox Plan

Next month starts 4th February 2013........ Who's in....?


M7DDP ---Magnificent 7Day Detox Plan

7 Days of recipes, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, secret on-line facebook group, full of tip, ideas, motivation, health & fitness tips and Results....................

7Day Detox Nutrition  £ 27.00


7Day Detox & Workout £37.00


The Magnificent 7Day Detox Plan

                        Full details on the website www.hazeloliverfitness.com

The Magnificent 7Dday Detox Plan

Staying fit & healthy


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