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Posted by Hazel Oliver
Hazel Oliver
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on Tuesday, 09 September 2014
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Take Baby Steps to move forward ...!!!

Good luck to all the running this weekend for the GNR - Great North Run, all those months of training is about pay off and to be tested.   Have a ball with it and soak up the atmosphere, energy and inspirational people you will meet on your amazing journey...Cath and Sue, I'll be thinking of you both :-)

Juice Tribe - JT

Juicing is so good for 3Age health and wellness..

So this is a question I've been asked... "What do you do will all the juiced pulp that is left over"?, such a shame to waste all those valuable vitamins and mineral, as these is so much nourishment close to the skin,
I make healthy cakes,  soups, added to pies or more traditional meal like spag bol, chilli, cottage pie..... have your cake and eat it..

Using butter, gluten and wheat free flour, xylitol (natural sugar substitute) wheat/gluten free baking powder..

click on the link for my ideas for the juice pulp and check out the recipes...yummy!!

You can still make a sponge adding some lovely organic strawberry jam.

Victoria Sponge is Ryan's favorite cake.....!!

 News Flash

When I was writing this, BBC radio 2, I know ....Yes radio 2, were talking juicing..
try this

Greens Lush....


Add juice to blended fruits..... total nourishment in a glass with one hit..., set you up for the day ahead.!!

Take Baby Steps to move forward.....!!

10 Health Facts & Tips

1.  Our bodies are over 70% water,-  Drink 2-3 litres of water a day to keep well hydrated, improve function and concentration... I know I keep saying this but it so important, as it affects so many functions within your bodies

2.  Our bodies are made up of thousands of living cells, each cells is surrounded by cholesterol
       Eggs are the healthiest form of good cholesterol
       Healthy cells = healthy organs = healthy systems = healthy body..

3.  Eat lots and lots of leafy green vegetables.
 Nutrient & mineral dense vegetables - Broccoli, kale, spinach, watercress, green beans, peas
          excellent source of most vitamins A,B, C,D ,E...   Helps keep estrogens hormone levels balanced

4.  High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)/Insanity/Bootcamp   are an effective way to train, 10-12 minute rounds
     Increase your metabolism, gets you fitter quicker, improves  strength, muscle tone, it's weight bearing (preventing of Osteoporosis), agility, power, speed, etc.

5.  Eat eggs most days
Eggs contain all essential amino acid  the human body needs. High source of protein

6.  Nuts and seeds...,add them into your meals..great source of protein and healthy fats

7.  Strength Training, is a must... I'm been working on my 19Day Girls That Lift Programme... workouts are 10-20 minute long. 
This is the reason "why" I've put this new programme together
1.  Improve bone quality
2.  Improve bone density
3.  Prevent of osteoporosis, we lose 1 % of bone density over the age of 35(women) men slightly later.
4.  Improves muscle structure - making muscle longer and leaner, more toned., mytroconyle health.
5.  Great for hormone balance, as it's don't stress the body as much as steady state cardio does, keeping cortisol at bay.
6.  Give you better sleep
7.  Stimulates hormone growth especially HGH- Human Growth Hormone - and HGH is effective in sleep.
8.  HGH stimulates weight loss.. so sleep loads, bed by 10.30pm
9.  The physio's are seeing a massive increase of fractures due to weakness of bone and quality from simple falls.
10.  Boost your metabolism, keeps you firing on all cylinders for days.

Doors open on 15th September, we start "Lifting" on 22September
You will need to invest in some weights, adjustable are best, Argos, here's a link for you
or try Sports Direct

By the way, here's the links
19Day, Girls That Lift , weight only programme


19Day, Girls That Lift Programme with nutritional guidance


Early Bird offers which are the links above, takes £10 off the cost of the programme.
Offer is for 4 day only, offer closes Tuesday 9th September 2014, then it goes UP..
This is an on-line programme...
with or without nutrition guidance

Hazel " strong is the new skinny " Oliver

Be Brilliant

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