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Posted by Hazel Oliver
Hazel Oliver
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on Thursday, 11 June 2015
in Health

Sweating like a P.I.G

Hot flushes and night sweats....!
Those taboo words -  menopause- pre,  peri--menopausal and post menopausal

I have been waking up in the nights, sweating like a P.I.G
those lovely night sweats......,
So I decided to do some more research
and after sticking my head in a book called

The Hormone Cure" by Dr Sara Gotteried MD

Dr Sara, as she is known is the hormone health industry
highly qualified, Harvard medical school, doctor of obstetrics/gynaecologist. 
Husband, two kids , very successful and totally burned out and her GP wasn't listening to her.
Night sweats, hot flushes, weight gain, anxiety,
depressed, no energy, not sleeping, busy juggling work/life,
just like we all are,
sound familiar to anybody?, 
..So she decided to set up Gottfried Protocol,
 she listened to women, 
not just prescribe antidepressants,
or give a pill, she looked at what is causing the problem
 and treated the problem not the symptoms.  
Here's the link
It's a little gem, a little  complicated but life is complicated sometimes,
its an amazing read and don't settle for main stream,
push for things to happen, if your not happy with the answer you are given from you GP,
push for more.  We should be more of a customer.

Low progesterone has big affect on night sweats/hot flushes,
also links to infertility. endometriosis. 
Increase Vit C, add flaxseed/ golden or brown (brown better for digestion) linseeds, liquorice,
decrease caffeine, alcohol.
Also, magnesium is needed for Vitamin C to be absorbed.

Only last week on the TV,
it was saying about the Menopause and how GP's aren't training in the field.

Your main players are-
Cortisol -
Thyroid -
Estrogen -
Progesterone -
Testosterone - 
You need to get hormonal balance...

Men are also affected, androgen is the male menopause.
Main player is :-

low testosterone

Dr Sara's three-step approach
The biggest and the one you can start doing something about right now is Lifestyle....
1. Lifestyle design -   food habits - nutrition , exercising correctly. avoid xenoestrogens-plastics, pollution.
These are things that you can change now, right now. 
2. Herbal therapies
3. Bio-identical hormone therapy

Here's my Lifestyle, Wellness and Fitness for the 3rd Age Women,
3 x 1 hour sessions....


Staying fit & healthy

Hazel " 3rd Age women" Oliver

Be brilliant

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