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Hazel Oliver
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on Monday, 01 October 2012
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Supplements...... I use and recommend to my clients


Green Drink - Detoxification of the liver, brilliant soluble fibre and helps removing toxins

Best http://www.philrichardsperformance.co.uk/idevaffiliate/idevaffiliate.php?id=184/detoxification/goodness-green.html

2nd Best http://www.philrichardsperformance.co.uk/idevaffiliate/idevaffiliate.php?id=184/detoification/green-life.html

Milk Thistle - again excellend for cleansing & detoxing the liver


Amino Relax - I call this sunshine in a tub ...help life low moods, anxiety and mild depression, help produce serotonin(happy hormone) in the body



Aliment Nutrition are amazing products, they are a pharmaceutical grade of product.They offer four essentials groups of nutrition... I highly reccommend them, top quality at of nutrition and excellent value for money....

Product                       Product code    

Probiotic Complex -  AA019      Improves the lining of the Gut wall as well as a boost                                                       to the immune system

Fish Oils Omega Plus   AA011           Improves moods swings, joint pain and aids fat loss

Vitamin D, Daily D     AA006             Healthy bones and helps absorb calcium

Vitamin C                   AA004             improves health & wellbeing, a life to the autume &                                                           winter months

Magnesium -              AA008               improves relaxation, promote better sleep, strong                                                   bones, sources apples, seeds, nuts dark green leafy                                                            veggie

1.  Vitamins and minerals 

2. Omega 3 Oils - (their fish oils are the best)

3. Antioxidants

4. Probiotics and Prebiotics 


Aliment Nutrition  Tel 0800 7318845

Give then a call and mention my name Hazel Oliver, you might will your order a little quick


Staying fit & Healthy



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