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Posted by Hazel Oliver
Hazel Oliver
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on Thursday, 21 May 2015
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Struggling with weightloss & over 40, is this you? Part 3

Struggling with weight loss and Over 40's
Part 3

17. You’re drinking too much – alcohol, lattes and energy drinks. Too much alcohol can irritate your gut lining and bladder, but also encourage you to eat more (those late night carb munchies after too much wine?!). You might think your skinny latte isn’t doing much harm but there’s a load of sugar in there from the milk, and the caffeine stimulates more insulin production.
What about an energy drink? Forget it, all that sugar and caffeine is an insulin disaster! You're on the Insulin Roller Coaster from hell.

TIP; Cut down on your alcohol (try having alcohol free days during the week), swap lattes for Americano’s (less milk) or herbal tea, and avoid energy drinks altogether! Try green tea – it’s been proven to help with weight loss and provides a natural lower caffeine alternative.

18. You’re not drinking enough – water!  How many of us drink enough water? Water helps to flush out those toxins, helps us eliminate regularly and circulate nutrients needed to keep our metabolism firing.

TIP; Try to drink 2-3L a day of filtered water – add some cucumber, lemon or lime, Strawberries or fresh ginger, for flavour.
Guideline 50lbs of bodyweight to 1 litre of water.

19. You’re eating too many ready meals –  PROCESSED FOODS, it’s so easy to get home from a busy day at work and pop a ready meal in the microwave. Trouble is, this won’t help you lose weight. Why? Because
1. processed foods are mostly made with vegetable oils that turn in to trans fats in the manufacturing process (trans fats encourage weight gain)
2.  the nutrient value is likely to be much lower than a meal cooked with food from scratch.

TIP; Avoid processed foods. Cook from real ingredients as much as possible. It’s often just as quick to cook up a healthy omelette or stir fry. Or cook in bulk and freeze in portions for a quick healthy meal. I batch cook and freeze.

20. Your sugar cravings are out of control – you just can’t resist that muffin for breakfast or that chocolate bar to help your afternoon slump. It’s not your fault, your body is sending you powerful messages that you need energy, a mood boost or your unfriendly bacteria/yeast living in your gut need feeding (their favourite snack is sugar).  But you brain is also craving serotonin-dark chocolate, turkey, eggs, grass feed beef, bananas.

TIP; Feed your sugar craving with healthy snacks like nuts, seeds, nut butters, oatcakes, fruit, hummus. Or whip up a quick protein smoothie or a juice.  Nut butters like, cashew, almond are best, hazelnut, organic peanut.

21. Back to you're blood sugar rollercoaster – when you eat those refined carbs (white bread, pasta, muffins, pastries, biscuits) you get an instant sugar rush, then a couple of hours later a huge dip, so you reach for another carb laden snack to keep you going. This roller coaster upsets your blood sugar balance and keeps you producing plenty of insulin (fat storing hormone!).

TIP; Choose low GL foods (whole grains, vegetables, protein, healthy fats, complex carbs, gluten and wheat free oats, porridge, brown rice, wild rice, egg noodles, buckwheat) over refined carbs to keep your blood sugar nice and even.

22. You’re not doing the right exercise – are you’re going to the gym or doing your exercise classes, and wondering why the weight isn’t falling off? Firstly, exercise alone won’t make much difference to your weight. 80% is what your diet, 20% exercise, so you need to eat right too. Secondly, your body gets used to long slow cardio, what I would call "Steady State Cardio" SSC, a swim, cycle, walk, zumba or aerobics class, so it’s important to mix it up with some resistance training, burst or high intensity training and core work or stretching. These types of exercise help to maintain muscle, and stimulate growth hormone and testosterone, which increase your metabolism and help you burn fat.

TIP; Vary your exercise program, add in some resistance, weights and high intensity training to increase muscle and burn fat.

23. You’re a serial yo-yo dieter – you’re on the vicious diet treadmill, the next trend to hit us, SW Slimmer's World, WW Weight Watchers, Cambridge, LiterLife, etc. You’ve done every diet going. You lose weight initially, feel great, finish the diet, and pile it back on again (and some more). We know these diets don’t really work, but each new one has so much promise! And you’ll be more disciplined next time? It’s not about will power though – when you deprive your body of calories, healthy fat, protein or nutrients, it will go into survival mode, starvation mode trying to protect you. That means your cortisol will rise, your cravings kick in and your metabolism will crash.

TIP: Ditch the diets! Eat plenty of nutritious, low GL foods so that you give your body the nutrients it needs to work properly. The weight will come off naturally.  Think Health, Think Lifestyle change

Hazel " It's all about Lifestyle Choices " Oliver

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