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Posted by Hazel Oliver
Hazel Oliver
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on Wednesday, 06 July 2016
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Sloping Shoulders or not

Slopping Shoulders
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Sloping shoulders?

Are these your shoulder?
How your abs and core functions by moving your arms and legs. 

Let’s begin by understanding some simple anatomy and function
of the abdominal muscles related to the world in which we live. 

Our world is three-dimensional; we move forward and back in a sagittal plane,
we move side to side in the frontal/lateral plane
and we rotate in the transverse plane. 

In order to train effectively,
we need to consider movement in these three planes of motion
to make sure all parts are getting stimulated.

The Abdominal muscles are a group of muscles
with four layers of muscle spanning from the pelvis to the thorax(upper body) 
these muscles connect the lower body and upper body
by linking the pelvis to the ribs, back, spine and connective tissue.

Our pelvis is a sturdy bony structure
which moves in a three-dimensional space as our legs walk,
run, jump and balance. 

Our thorax is the upper body
consisting of the ribs and chest,
which control the shoulders and arms
moving in three – dimensional space as our arms reach, lift, punch, spike, swing, catch and throw.

Therefore, the abdominal muscles are the link connecting
the pelvis moving in three-dimensional space to the
upper moving in three-dimensional space – both in different directions.

Out of the original 34 Joseph Pilates exercise, the majority are performed on the floor,
on your back and are moving the body in a sagittal plane (forward &backward, like an abs curl position) in flexion.
to name a few.
single leg stretch, double leg stretch, scissors, neck pull, roll up, hundred's,
single leg circles, rolling like a ball, the roll up, corkscrew, teaser, shoulder bridge, neck pull,
seal, roll over.
A few sitting with rotation, saw, spine twist, lying- hip roll,
A few on your tummy in prone, double leg kick, swan, single leg kick
A few sitting - spine stretch forward, open leg rocker, again the spine is in flexion
All fours, swimming.

Now lets move to the gym,
as you might workout there.
Most gym equipment work your body in a sagittal plane, forward and backwards.
treadmill, stepper, bike, rower, cross-trainer,
These are the normal one you find in the gym

What equipment are you using to train your frontal/lateral (side to side movement) plane
and your transverse (rotation-twists)plane in the gym or elsewhere?

This is where fitness pilates might be your answer.

Hazel "moving " Oliver

Fitness Pilates classes

U3a Wellesbourne Group 3

King George Hall, Mickleton
Monday 7.30-8.30pm 

U3a Wellesbourne group 2

U3a Wellesbourne group 4

NFU Sport Annex
XpressPilates 12.15-1.00pm

U3a Wellesbourne group 1

The Malthouse, Alveston S-u-A

We work in all planes of movement,
standing, kneeling, side lying,
prone( facing the floor), supine ( facing the ceiling)
6week block booking.


U3a, Please contact Wellesbourne u3a group leaders to join us here.
We only have spaces in groups 1 & 2

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