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Posted by Hazel Oliver
Hazel Oliver
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on Tuesday, 26 July 2016
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She said this..

She said this..
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She's said this about #Holistic Core Restore® course

This is what one lady had to say,
1. How was the course beneficial to you? What positive results have you seen? *
I really enjoyed the course. It certainly opened my eyes and I learnt a lot. I have become more aware of my pelvic floor muscles although I am more aware whilst doing particular exercises and less so with others. I have learnt to be more aware when lifting things and when doing some exercises I can be putting pressure on my pelvic floor and so I have substituted these exercises for others. I realise that this is for life. I have felt an improvement over this course already. This has meant that I am able to walk further without worrying about any potential leaks. I am also trying to be more aware of food that I eat and trying to improve my intake of vegetables and fruit.
2. What did you enjoy most about the course? * The educational aspect in learning about how the muscles work and about nutrition. I loved that every week we enjoyed a different juice and I particularly enjoyed the date and nut balls. I found the DVD for the homework very helpful as I find it difficult to remember all of the exercises without a prompt.
3. Do you have a few overall thoughts on the programme that we could use anonymously to help promote the benefits of this programme. * I think that it has explained how the muscles can be helped to be more effective. It has also made me aware of the hazards of lifting things and that doing exercise in the wrong way can actually be making it worse. I can see how important breathing correctly is now. A course I would recommend to all ladies.

Your eating and lifestyle habits are vital factors to consider on your pelvic floor muscles, health & wellbeing.

Certain food may irritate the bladder lining causing pelvic pain and discomfort.
Dehydration, will have an effect on collagen,
causing lack of collagen to form and maintain strength in the connective tissue,
as collagen is formed with the aid of water, about 70%, so drink plenty of water otherwise your skin will sag
and look and feel drab.
Bowel health - health fibre intake for bowel movement
Core function
Bone health and density.
Sleeping and great safe self care practices are key to your wellbeing and are very underrated.

Think about the environment that you live in.
At home and work
Is it full of toxins - by toxins I'm thinking
plastics, microwave ping meal, cling film.

Toxic skincare products, they normal smell really lush - your skin is the biggest organ,
whatever you put directly onto your skin, 60% of it will absorb into your body.
from shampoo, body lotion to mouthwash and toothpaste 
all lotions and potions
and Sun tan lotion....

What do you cook your food in or on,
it is aluminium or another man made metal?, try cast iron

Dishwasher tablets, who'd of thought
take a look at this article

Go for glass, ceramics, cast iron
and organic

Over the last couple of months,
I've been changing over to organics household products,
I changed all my skincare & shower gel, body lotions & potions products years ago
Something when things smell really nice, I'm thinking what's in them?
What is that doing in my body and more importantly affecting my
HORMONES....!! and causing an imbalance

I don't want to be moody, anxious, have no energy, not sleep, be unhappy.
I want the flip side
Happy, fun, bursting with energy, sleeping sound and enjoying life.

Top tip.
I always buy them when they are on offer and stock up

Hazel " Chemical free" Oliver

I'm putting out an 72hour early bird offer - for the next Holistic Core Restore®
as I've had a couple of enquires

For any ladies, who are suffering from any form of pelvic floor issue
from stress incontinence, to prolapse
Had had a baby and passed your 6 week check or 12 weeks c-section,
or are you an athletic or sports person,
and suffering from loss of control
with urge or bladder problems
with pressure of the breath
 and load or weight you are lifting whether it's
at cross fit, bootcamp, weightlifting
or any contract sport where pressure has an impact on the pelvic floor 

Next 6 weeks course starts 8th September 2016

Core & pelvic floor course
Looking at breathing, optimal positioning for the pelvis to active the pf muscles

Breathing - movement based - pelvic floor & core restore strengthen programme

6 weeks - starting 8th September 2016 13th October 2016
The Malthouse, Alveston
6.15pm - 7.15pm

Here's the link below


You have 72hours at this reduced price £147.00, then it goes up..!
You get 6 weeks,
All your kit, balls, booklet, bands
 access to on-line homework and support portal 24/7.

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