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Posted by Hazel Oliver
Hazel Oliver
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on Tuesday, 05 May 2015
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Running the Marathon with Foofoo training!!

The other weekend I completed the Virgin London Marathon in 6hr 4min, taking off loo stops 5hr 40minutes, which I was pleased with.

1. I got around

2. I had no leakage

Always a bonus and not an embarrassment, both are big plus's for me.

About 3 years ago, I couldn't run 3 miles nevermind 26.2, a marathon and that's all down to the pelvic health course I went on and have been teaching other people to do the same.

I was fed up with looking for the nearest loo as soon as I arrived somewhere,

Not able to play with the kids on the trampoline or run around with them or before I went out, quick loo stop "just in case", Infact I was creating and adding to my problem by doing that,

I was training my bladder to work at half measurers. 

My bladder was getting smaller because I kept going to the loo, I was down training my bladder.

The bladder should store 350-500ml per loo stop, so the pelvic floor needs to strengthen and support (volume) and release and pee(relax) which is just an important.

3 quick exercises for you to do to improve your Pelvic floor and TVA (Transverse Abdominal - big core muscle the wraps around your tummy, from your back to tummy, below the naval)

1. Can you talk and hold the muscle up

2. Can you breath and hold the muscle up

3  Can you hold for 10seconds, while you breath.

Go on given them a go,  It will take you 5 minutes.., see how you get on and let me know.

With the massive amount of runners doing marathons, half marathoms, 10k, 5k,Tough Mudders at the moment, I'm seeing an increase of people wanting to strengthen their Pelvic floor and aid total core restore.

So I'm opening the next 6week course starting Thursday 11th June 6.15pm at The Malthouse, The Rookery, Alveston, Stratford-U-Avon CV37 .  This WILL be my last course before the summer...

Here's the link just in case you missed it on the website under foofoo e-plans





Hazel "marathon runner" Oliver





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