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Posted by Hazel Oliver
Hazel Oliver
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on Wednesday, 13 January 2016
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" Release Me"...











We always have a lot of focus on building strength, muscle and fitness,

but we also need to remember to balance that with

Release work, to down train, to stretch, to relax, to “Let Go”

What goes up must come down!

For so many of us Fitness = strength

But in reality fitness = strength, mobility, stability, flexibility and the ability to move between tension and relaxation with ease.

The same goes for the Pelvic Floor, the entire core and indeed our whole body.

There has to be an easy flow between all states and ‘problems’ usually arise when that flow is lost.

HCR Release programme will provide you with the tools

to focus on small kit re-alignment strategies, breath work,

mindful meditation, mobilisations and Pelvic Floor down-training.

It’s an essential part of the puzzle that’s often neglected,

you will have access to the most cutting edge strategies to take away with you.

Never underestimate the power of a good lie down! Stretch and relax.

The Myofascial Meridian lines run thought out the body,

many of these lines cross at the pelvis and therefore pelvic floor can be activated through

strength or release and down trained depending

on the functional movement applied.

Our bodies move and function in a 3-dimeninatal way,

therefore it makes sense to work and

release the body in these plans of movement.                                                                                

What’s included?


The hourly sessions, at time and day that work for you

Release methods and strategies from the unique HCR Release programme

Myofascial Release movements

This bespoke programme is for you and your needs.

Nutrition advice and information for healing.


6 weeks 1-2-1 programme


3 weeks 1-2-1 programme



I look forward to working with you


Be Brilliant

Be Health, Happy & laugh






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