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on Monday, 28 October 2013
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Pelvic Health

Newsletter 25th October 2013

Quote..." Either you run the day or the day runs you" . - Jim Rohn

Class news... No classes half term week at Hampton Lucy on Tuesday and The Malthouse, Alveston on Thursday but we are back to normal Tuesday 5th November at HL and Thursday 7th November at MH 2013

BIG shout out's:--"drum roll please"..Cath and Sue for completing last week's York Marathon coming home in 5hr 25min. Emma and Rachel completing Birmingham half marathon in 1hr 51 and 1hr 43 mins, brilliant efforts ladies.


November Magnificent 7Day Detox...Get ready for the party season, it will soon be here:-

Detox, 7 day detox, 7days clean eating, 7days Results........

7Day Detox and Clean eating plan

Start on Monday 4th November 2013.

This intense 7day programme that will not only kick start your fatloss, increase your metabolism , tone & sculpt your body, it will improve your fitness levels, strength, health and wellbeing.


7 x 10 Minutes workouts , in your own home

7 Day Clean eating plan

Take action, Book on Now,

Cleanse and Detox your body after your summer of over indulgence or on holiday, so let's get moving, make a decision now not another excuse to take action.. , feel fitter, healthier, stronger, more confident

So what happens next?  

* Once you have signed up, you will get access to the secret facebook page, where I will post all information, workouts etc

* We take one day at a time

* There are no faddy foods, shakes, soups, calorie counting, green or red days here, just good old fashioned clean, lean and healthy eating

* Everyday you will get a 10 minute video workout, to do in your own home

So what do I eat?

* Eat fresh organic (if possible) produce

* Drink herbals or fruit teas

* Drink loads and loads of water to be super hydrated

So what can't I eat

* Processed foods * Caffeine   * Diary   * Alcohol     * Gluten * Sugars

You can do this for 7days ...... Right ?

Click here to book on


We kick off on 4th November 2013


Want to Get Involved?                                                           It’s only £37.00 for 7days                                  

Pre Christmas detox starts Monday 2nd December 2013 ..................................


I'm also doing a 14DayBody Lean Fatburner Starting 18th November 2013.... see website for full details E-plans, top item



What have I been up to.......

At the moment I'm studying and learning with Burnell Education in London, Pelvic Health and wellbeing. Covering all aspects including, Diastasis recti (separation of the abdominal linea alba (midline) muscle when pregnant), C-section wellbeing, urinary incontinence symptoms and all things Pelvic floor (PF). I'm also training to be a FooFooFunClub Ambassador...check out www.foofoofunclub.com

They are both connected regarding pelvic health and well being



This bespoke programme is for everybody, women and men, men have prostate issues, have a pelvis and it need working.

Are you a woman seeking help for a :-

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction with Urinary Incontinence symptoms


A prolapse? (different types of prolapse and grades)


  • The early or returning to exercise Post Natal client - C-Section, after you have had your post natal check up and are clear to exercise
  • The active Peri/Menopausal client (currently experiencing symptoms and changes)
  • A Super Senior, less active but still mobile woman – it’s never too late!
  • Suffering from Genuine stress incontinence
  • Rectus Diastasis -Tummy separation
  • Recovery from a hysterectomy or another gynecological operation


There are lots of things to be taken into consideration as we are all individuals, all different, had different journeys and had differences experiences along the way. The term Post Natal could be 6 weeks/3 years/10 years, everybody heals at different time.

It's " key" to get the client to reconnect the Transverse Abdominus (TVA) and the breath and Pelvic Floor to activity.   Instead of focusing on exercise and strength work, the first job is to reconnect with the breath, TVA, Pelvic Floor then you exercise.

If you build on a faulty foundation, in years to come it will crumble. It's vital to build a strong stable foundation and build on that.

If your breathing technique is off set, all exercises performed will put a downward and outward pressure on the abdominal wall and pelvic floor. Take time and build strong foundation that will last a life time.


Gravity, Force, Pressure and Load all have to be considered when doing exercises so they are safe and effective to the needs.

We all want to get back to "normal exercise" as soon as possible but sometimes doing the "traditional exercises/workout/classes " do more harm than good and you train the common "Tummy Pouch " in your abdominals.

A commonly asked question, can I do the Plank to strengthen my core? yes or no? , like I said, consider, gravity, force, pressure and load, so can this be done safely?


New Classes in January 2014 - 6 week course, Bespoke programme to address the issues above plus many more. More details in the coming weeks, also will be added to website .


7 Reasons why people don't lose weight

1. Eat the wrong foods

Eliminate processed foods, gluten/wheat, dairy, alcohol, caffeine, sugars

2. Don't do the right exercises to fat burn

Short sharp bursts of explosive exercises in a timed interval training method

like Tabata 20 work /10 rest 8 rounds 4 mins work. repeated

HIIT's (High Intensity Interval Training) different times 50/10, 45/15, 40/20.. 10 minute blocks

Metabolism Training.

3. Lack of sleep

Sleep is a key element in fatloss, all to do with hormone re-balance, different hormones re-balance at different stages of the night, between 10pm-2am for the most. Going to bed 10 or 10.30pm latest is a big ask but key. Remember not all sleep time is equal, 8 hour, 10-6am is better quality sleep than 11-7am but both are 8 hours. Earlier is best. Magnesium also improves sleep as well of lots of other benefits it has , take 20-60 minute before you turn in for the evening.

4. Dehydration

If you don't drink the water you won't lose the fat/weightloss. (pretty simple, make it a habit) Water is one of your best fatloss friends. The more dehydrated your body the more toxic it is, the slower and sluggish you feel, low energy, moody and bloated.

Guidelines 1litre of bottled/filters water to every 50lbs of bodyweight, do the maths on that one.....

5. Toxic Body (acid-alkaline Ph) 7.4 is the middle

An acid toxic body holds onto fat and stores it.....just what you don't want. That's down to what you are ingesting food and drink wise.

More fatloss friends . Greens drinks, green veggie are your bestest friends like, spinach, kale, watercress, broccoli, cabbage, celery, peas, green, board, runner beans, leeks, snap peas, Pak Choy etc.

Fruits - remember to limit on the fruits, they are a source of natural sugars fructose , hence they will spike insulin hormone and more insulin in released into the body and unless you're using energy it will lay fat cells down.   Fruits are a class of starchy carbs along with root veggie so PW Post Workout only.

6. Stress.

Stress causes cortisol (stress) hormone to rise & released and will start to lay down fat cells. These receptor are mainly around the mid-section(tummy).

Take a walk in the fresh air, try fitness pilates(functional), yoga, taichi, mediation, grad some " you" time. You can have the best workout session, eating habits but if your stressed you're on a up-hill battle. As it about balancing those hormones I keep talking about. Life is a balancing act. Chillex

7. And most importantly your MIND-SET

They have No reason "WHY", why they should change, until something hits home as to why they should change their habits, they won't..Your reason WHY is the reason to change...


A Massive "thank you" from Darren & I, to those who donated to Darren's Mount Kilimanjaro Climb earlier this month, total today stands at £5230, with a few more collection to come in. In aid of The National Autistic Society NAS...Thank you again

Happy Halloween                                          

Staying safe, fit & Healthy

Be Brilliant



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