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Hazel Oliver
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on Sunday, 03 January 2016
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Don't miss out..


This Holistic Core Restore and pelvic floor strengthen, re-connection and movement based programme was created for women, who are suffering in silence but not any longer with stress and urge incontinence and/or prolapse.

Are you missing out, playing and running around with your children, jumping on the trampoline, enjoy tresured moments or you are sitting on the side line and letting these moments pass you by.  

With weakness of the pelvic floor and other connecting muscles that support this area could cause problems. Weakness could be through effort, intra-abdominal pressure, load, weights, force, gravity, as elasticity skin changes become less plump, the connective tissue structure changes, more elasticity, weaking the pelvic hammock.

There are many reasons why the pelvic floor muscles could weaken, pregnancy and childbirth, bad diet and lifestyle choices, the menopause years and beyond, as the skin changes its elasticity, becoming weakened, stretches and less supportive with life’s strains and stesses.

The Pelvic Floor basin is the support structure for the entire load of the interal organs stacked above it. Adding in load and gravity bearing down on the Pelvic Floor, could greatly increase it’s dysfucntion. An accident or trauma to the body could also have an affect on these muscles and the support structure around could become unstable, possible leading to prolapse or other issues.

I think we are all athlete in one way or another, whether it’s competitive, leisure, fitness or wellness. Support is for life. So we need to look after these hidden group of muscles that do an amazing job.

The Holistic Core Restore programme is a Bespoke progamme for women of all ages in every walk of life

The Holistic Core Restore programme is a funtional based programme. Our bodies move as one in a 3D-functional way and we live and work and in this world, it makes sence to train our bodies in the way too AND the Pelvic Floor loves movement.

There are 8 Holistic Core Restore programmes in the offering, covers all areas of pelvic health for women, from Pre – post natal fitness and recovery, HCR Bump, HCR 4th Trimenster, HEAVY – introducing load slowly and exercising the right way, HCR HEAT – fatloss programme, HCR ReLease – downtraining of the PF, HCR Express, if time is an issue, HCR C-section, HCR Disatasis or any pelvic cavirty procdures, prolapse and into menopausal years which sciencely is classed as 35years plus.


The 6 week Foundation programme includes

  • 6 week group exercise and talk time

  • Including Kit

  • Resistance band

  • DVD

  • Booklet

  • Resistance ball

  • Tennis/Massage ball

  • Support on facebook from the Holistic Core Restore Team

The 6 week course starts

Days        - Thursday 14th January 2016

Where     - The Malthouse, The Rookery, Alveston, Stratford upon Avon

Time      -  6.15-7.15pm

Cost        -   £157.00 (only 5 per course)


To booking on



Any question, then please get in contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Look forward to hearing from you

Any question, please ask away, call, text or e-mail me

Staying fit & healthy



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