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Posted by Hazel Oliver
Hazel Oliver
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on Friday, 06 January 2017
in Fitness

New Years Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions
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New Year Resolutions

I'm not a lover of them myself and I haven't made any.
I don't see the significance of 1st of January,
there is nothing special about this day, it another day, date.
But we seem to hang everything on this date " 1st January"
and it going to make all the difference, as if a miracle is going to happen but it doesn't.
I hear I'm starting on Monday, why Monday
why is Monday important or special, it isn't.
it's just a day, just like any other day

But we think it is important because you might link
the habit to the start of your working week, the beginning of something
but it's not special at all.

You can start making a difference anytime, today, tonight, now!
You just have to make the decision to start and change your lifestyle or whatever it is that you want to change.

A Must,  download these App's
Healthy App  & My Water.

I didn't wait until January 1st..
Before Christmas I can across this App
Heathy App--- download it, it's FREE, some iphones already have it on when you buy.
I was really surprised how many steps I don't take!!. 
shock horror, yes only a couple of thousand!! on a good day.
way off the 10,000 per day, I was getting nowhere near that.

So from the day I downloaded I've be stepping out 10,000 per day
some days I achieve it and go way beyond, other days I don't but I always step out. 
I walk daily, I keep the habit.
I don't stress it I don't reach 10,000, as long as I am stepping out,
I'm happy with that. I aim for 7,000.

My Water, tracks your daily water intake.  Super important to keep hydrated

Health & Happiness

Hazel  "stepping Out" Oliver

A really quick and easy way to get nourishment into your bodies is SOUP's

I tend to steam my veggie the add the water from the streamed veggie into the blender, as it still contain vital minerals and vitamins.  Don't over cook ..!

Some of my favourites

Carrot & Coriander
Pea & Ham 
Sweet Potato
Butternut Squash
Leek & Potato

Give it a whizz,
A healthier option than sandwiches at lunchtime or anytime for that matter


CIC Classes In Community.

All Classes are up and running after the Christmas Break

CIC Classes In the Community

12.30 -1.15pm NFU Fat Blast HIIT's

From the 16th January 2017,
7.30pm-8.30pm Fitness Pilates Flow
Mickleton -King George Hall

12.15-1.pm NFU Fitness Pilates Flow

7.00-8.00pm Hampton Lucy Village Hall. FMS Class, Fatloss Metabolic Strength class 

The Malthouse, Alveston, S-u-A. 7.-30-8.30pm    Fitness Pilates Flow

Massage sessions - Pre-Post-Natal Pregnancy and Wellbeing, By appointment only.
Holistic Core Restore session, By Appointment only. Diastasis & C-Section recovery.
Menopause Matters By appointment only

Except for
Mickleton Fitness Pilates, which starts on Monday 16th January 7.30pm at King George Hall).

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