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Posted by Hazel Oliver
Hazel Oliver
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on Friday, 12 August 2016
in Health

My Brain hurts ..

Brain Overload
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Brain Overload, ...London Calling...!,

A couple weekends ago I headed down to the big smoke of London
for yet another course.., last one this side of September...

On What, I hear you say
NeuroKinetic Therapy,  What?
NKT for short.
Motor Control Therapy, Neuroscience and Functional Anatomy = neurobiomechanics

Ok, In a nutshell
here we go

Our bodies move, creating movement,  right
Movement does not happen in isolation,  right
otherwise you wouldn't move off the spot.
the brain controls movement with messages to the muscles.
with me so far.

Therefore working on
only "tight" muscles,
adjusting locked up joints, 
stripping adhesion
scar tissue
only strengthen weak muscles,
Will NOT change or correct the Faulty Movement Pattern.
because you hasn't changed anything in the movement pattern,
its still the same, the habit hasn't changed.

All the above will probably make your situation much better,
but at the same time,
the movement pattern will still be performed rightly or wrongly the same.
(Wrongly probably, otherwise you would be pain free and have fantastic movement pattern function)

so you might end up in time back to square one,
the same problem recurring, a week, month, two, three or six months down the line.
treating the symptoms not looking for the cause,
WHY it keeps happening..
The niggle or painful shoulder, knee, neck or hip for example

In comes NKT,
Changing your cause,
that is causing your problem.
changing the movement pattern from the brain to the muscles is where the answer lays.

Muscles want an easy ride,
just like most of us,
they want an easy life,
they are lazy.
they will take short cuts for the easiest pathway to perform the exercise or action,
whether is right or wrong to create the movement you are asking of it.

The muscle doesn't care,
if it's performing the exercise,
lifting heavy weights in the gym
picking up the shopping.
lifting your legs onto a stool
It doesn't recocigne what it's doing, it's performing an action...

Muscles can be facilitators (over working - do the work of other muscles)
Muscles can be inhibited (weak - they are on holiday)

You need to look at changing the Motor Control programme
in the Motor Control Centre, (Your brain)
WHY is the question again..

To create the correct movement pattern,
for that muscle to recruit and work in good function,
giving performance, less or no pain and be fit for function..

The brain also has habits and routines,
Repetitive behaviours,
do you do the some gym routine for weeks or even months and months, ?

Repetitive behaviours becoming patterns,
do you go to the same weekly classes,
where the routine is the same, week in, week out
the brain switches off,
the muscle will activate and work,
they are performing an action 
it will go with what it know, rightly or wrongly
it's lazy remember

When you do your shopping,
do you have the same routine,
up and down the ailes you go.
it's easy for us right, it's a habits,
you are on autopilot.
We get annoyed when stores switch things around
and move products to another shelf or parts of the store.
That means we have to use your brains to look and locate the items,
it's a change, you and your brain have to work to locate.

Just because it easy,
don't mean it's right.
Motion is a component of movement,
but movement requires motor control,
which incudes,
stability, balance, postural control, co-ordination, and perception.  
this work brilliantly with fitness pilates.

Hazel " brain overload" Oliver 
Coming soon,
I'll be on the hunt for gineau pigs

My NKT services, is a service that I will be looking to start next year in my business.

However in the meantime
I will be looking for case studies,
As I have 6 month to complete for my Level 1
I have a lot of hard work to do in the meantime.

If you are interested in being a case study for me
please e-mail me, as to why I should consider you case.

Please don't be disappointed if I say no, I can't see everybody

Thank you

September 8th is the next
Holistic Core Restore® Course

Here's the detail to book on the early bird offer
Here's the link below


Core and pelvic floor 6 week foundation course.

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