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Hazel Oliver
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on Tuesday, 21 July 2015
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Mummy Tummy Matter's

Mummy Tummy Matter’s because it does!

Fitness, nutrition and wellness course, for the post-natal mum’s


Coming back to fitness after having a baby is a MASSIVE commitment and a bit scary to be honest. Finding a class that will suit your needs is another issue.


I’m looking to provide not just an exercise class but an education too

For the post-natal mum’s looking to bounce back to life,

with energy, vitality, radiant with a look of health and wellness about them

Feeling and looking brilliant about themselves.

It’s as much about you as your new baby.


Offering an effective pelvic floor friendly metabolic effect fitness classes

With the importance of nutrition and wellness too,

which plays a bigger part than what you think.

Remember all exercise is a stressor, so adding more stress to your possibly already stressed body and lives isn’t going to help, in fact it might be doing more harm than good, you could be add to your fat stores. You need to right tools to do the job right. That goes for the right exercises and nutrition too.

After having your baby, you need to heal from the inside out

So correct nutritional advice it key for ongoing optimum health, wellness and fitness.



Your body has gone through 9 months of major changes,

From the up and downs of the hormones roller-coaster (which is still ongoing)

To weight gain, to posture changes,

Feelings of emotions good and bad, tiredness,

Moodiness, lack of sleep, anxiety and possibly depression,

Relationship strains and stressors, as everything adjusts.

Is this you?

If so, do something about it now and make a difference to you, your baby, your family and your lifestyle. Only you can change.


Ok, so here’s the scores on the doors ladies,

To attend, here’s the protocol and an application form needs to be filled out.

Vaginal Birth – 6 weeks post-natal doctors check-up.

C-Section - On application form please contact me (13 weeks, but some doctor’s will or might sign you off at your 6 week check, this is becoming more common, doesn’t mean you’re ready for intense loaded body exercises.)

Babies must be in pushchairs, buggy, prams for outdoor sessions.


I’ve set up “Mummy Tummy Matter’s” because it does!

I offer many other services to meet post-natal mum’s and beyond with issues from

Diastasis holistic healing program (tummy separation or splitting of the Linea Alba)

C-section holistic healing program

Post-Natal Pregnancy Massage & recovery

Post Natal Power Plate 6 week courses

FooFoo pelvic floor health & wellness program

Hysterectomy, Uterine Fibroid Myomectomy, Oophorectomy holistic healing programs

Please check out my website of the above for full details







Mummy Tummy Matter’s Fitness Courses (should I do sit up, should I be doing planks, should I be lifting loads like a kettlebells or dumbbells, all great probing questions)

New class starting Wednesday 9th September 2015

Day                              Wednesdays

                             Time                            10.30am-11.30pm

           Where                         Meon Vale Leisure Centre

                                                                     Cost                             £77.00

Duration of courses              7 weeks (9th September – 21st October 2015) (first week, meet & greet. Free Diastasis check and any other issues on your application forms that need to be addressed)

By the way, here’s the link


These will be an outdoor session, weather permitting otherwise indoor sessions as and when

You will get from me Free Diastasis check (normally £17)

First 10 to book on the September course, will be sent you a copy “Free” of my Fatloss Solution e-cook book, offering 30 Breakfast, 30 Lunches, 30 Dinners (normally £17) (this will be done on a first come first serve basis)

Access to on-line support, guidance and help in the fb group.


To apply, please e-mail me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The application forms are easy to fill in, the more detail you give me the more I can help you when completed just hit the submit button, no need to print anything off.

Just ask for an application forms for the Mummy Tummy Matter’s fitness course.

(The reason for the application forms, is because I want to make sure this is the right course is for you, as I don’t want you waste your time and money.)


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