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Posted by Hazel Oliver
Hazel Oliver
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on Thursday, 27 February 2014
in Fitness

MEtabolic Effect - Rest Based Fitness, Sounds good Ah...!!

MEtabolic Effect-Rest-Based Training,Sounds good Ah.. !!

I don't know if you have heard of this type of training method....,Always wanting to keep up with new knowledge that will help with keeping healthy.
Well, Sunday took me to Stroud, Gloucestershire for a Metabolic Effect training day...  It was a full on day of training and theory.

Metabolic Effect is a :--
Rest-Based Training (RBT), method..., don't get fooled by the title....It works on hormones balance to effect weight loss/fat loss
Classes are 30-45 minutes long..... It's tough but good all at the same time but you might not think so at the time.
My legs were screaming at me yesterday and today too...Ouch !!!

I get people saying, I don't have enough time to go to the gym and spend hours there working out, neither do I and if your spending hours there then you're not doing the right type of workouts.  I couldn't do a 40 or 50 minute session, not to think of a 60minute ME session that's for sure.. This has it covered,  3 times a week.
Total body workout in one, just like a lot of my other training methods, it's an up to date training method these days just like tabata, ME Training, HIIT's.. are the best and get great results with the right nutrition and hydration to go with it.

These type of training methods are brilliant if your heading towards menopause too as they don't stress the body to much, they are short bursts of high intense exercise for a time limit and rest when you need too..   Based on EPOC, Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption.

It's all about those hormones again and getting them balanced.  They talked about HEC, which I have spoken about before Hormones, Energy, Cravings....

Also the female cycles plays a big part too.  As in the first 14days of the cycles Estrogen is dominant, the last 14days progesterone. It's in the second half as progesterone naturally drops off.   Adding stress into the mix and stress starts reducing progesterone too....., so if your wondering why week 3/4 of your cycle you start to crave sweet things, hormones dropping off.  It's a minefield and you haven't even eaten anything yet....This is happening whether you like it or not or your into the menopause, like me... !!

Other BIG topic were Stress and Sleep...., all very important for weight loss/fat loss.  You need to nail these down, they are key...

My Monday Class at the NFU at 12.30am - 1.15pm is a 45 minute class, we did a run through today on 20mins, nailed it..... ME Fitness.... 

Hazel "  Resting or not  " Oliver

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