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Posted by Hazel Oliver
Hazel Oliver
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on Monday, 03 March 2014
in Health

Let's talk Sex, drugs (or not) and VaVa Voom


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Let's Talk Sex, drugs(or not) and VaVa Voom

I had an amazing weekend...... I want to share with you......!!

Part 1.

Well, as some of you know I was at the Well Women's Summit 2014 in London this weekend, with a room full of other Fitness Professional, we are tying to bridge the gap between other clinical professional and ourselves, especially physiotherapists, as there is a massive connection on the well women's health side.

I wished you could of been there... !!!, next time.....

There was a massive range of subject covered, from Menopause, Nutrition, Juicing, Fitness, Prostate, Andropause - male menopause, Pelvic floor, Sex, the BIG Orgasm and how to make it better,(2 word on that one (Foofoo)... you name it, it was talked about

Some of the most creditable speakers at the top of their game in the world of Women's Health - they didn't mince their words, direct, honest, matter a fact.

Dr A Arasu  - Bio - Identical Hormone Specialist
Julie Bartlett -  Her story - Menopause, how HRT didn't work and the rough time she had
Marie Elliott - Women's Health Physiotherapist -Pelvic Pain, Causes, symptoms  and solutions
Lucy Rocca -  The addiction of drink and the road to freedom ...Very successful on the outside but a total booze addict on the inside. 
Michelle Lyons - Women's Health Physiotherapist - Sex, before, during and after pregnancy
Mairi Taylor  - Juicing for female health
Rachel Holmes - Fitness business entrepreneur

Dr Anu Arasu was up first, she spoke on Menopause.
Dr Arasu is a specialist in Bio-Identical Hormones.   She has a clinic in London and lectures all over the world on this complected subject but a very Real Life Menopause situation for many, many women, everyday,  who go through hell and get given a standard level of treatment. But sometimes that isn't good enough.  It was very powerful yesterday that "one size does not fit all", we are all individual and your prescription of hormones is unique to you and your body. Bio-Identical hormones is were a specialist will tailor make your unique hormones for your body and not synthetic.
Our hormones have such a lot to answer for, I keep saying it and here I go again.........!!!!

I know there are some ladies in my groups, that have asked me about Bio-Identical hormone benefits before, please ask me about this or e-mail me.  I have Dr Arasu details, and approx costs.

Talked about blood tests. Thyroid test and not just the normal with the doctors the basic FHS, but also T4 and T3, at different time in your monthly cycle as estrogen and progesterone have different levels at different times in the month, that's why you feel different at different stages of your cycle and cravings, those sweet things weeks 3-4..... It will be different for everybody as we are in different stages of life, some lady's are just starting out other peri/pre,post menopausal.

Endometriosis/ PCOS/ Fibroids
As well as nutrition which is a hotcake on this one.... as hormones releases are from what you ingest, the environment and xenoestrogens were hot subjects too ( plastics, dust, shampoo, body lotions, water, chemicals, wood, cleaning materials, food- organic or not, grass fed animals, free range eggs/chicken) etc, etc, I could go on... Makes you think about things SO much more.... HEALTH.....

For example
Did you know, if your Estrogen levels are below 50, there is an increase in anxiety and depression...
Low levels of testosterone,  effect your hand/eye co-ordination, mood and confidence.
Depression is a signal that everything is out of balance.

I Wish you could of all been there to understand how important your Pelvic health is and your nutrition to having a stress free change as we all age..,

So do you have you still go your VaVA Voom?...
Are you still firing on all cylinders?

Hazel "All VaVa Voomed Up" Oliver

This is a link from Michelle Lyons lecture... if you don't want to see or hear about the PF, then don't click the link

Nutrition, nutrition !!!, get on it sweet-cheeks !!!

" My Action Takers for March"....Want to do something about your health them get involved, talking achieves nothing, it's the "Action" is where's its at.!!

My 7day Detoxers are off tomorrow, cleaning up their eating habit, re-balancing their hormones all for the better, as it affect our well-being.

My Foofoo ladies are half way through their first week, on this journey of understand and gaining much valued knowledge on the pelvic floor and gaining support for life.

My HEAT ladies are hot stuff... "HEAT" is a follow on from FooFoo, a low intensity fat-burning metabolism workout, without a jump in sight...!!!

My Bootcamp are in action tomorrow too, March here we come.
My Hampton Lucy 7.30pm Tuesday crew and Thursday evening Fitness Pilates 7.30pm are all hard at it, making a difference to their fitness, health and well-being
I'm interested in helping people understand the mind field of nutrition and get healthy, but
if that isn't you then just hit the unsubscribe below. 

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