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Posted by Hazel Oliver
Hazel Oliver
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on Friday, 23 May 2014
in Health

It's been a Chalk and Cheese Week

It was a Chalk and Cheese Week........!!

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Sink or Swim
Saturday 10th May, Emma Davis, Rachel Fielden and myself, had entered "The Dirty Weekend" challenge, a 20 mile, 20 obstacle event held at in Stamford.
Unfortunately we didn't get much chance to enjoy the place, as we were running, swimming, climbing, crawling, overground, under, you name it, we probably did it.

The girls were my lifeline,
from 8/9 miles in my legs (hip flexor) had gone, I couldn't run, so I walked the last 3/4 miles to the finish line and completely 13 mile.
I had massive cramp issues on the way back home to Stratford.  Thanks to Chris for driving and looking after our mascots Angus and Dixy (the dogs) and support us around the course.

After a lovely cold bath, then a hot one, I loaded up on salts, magnesium, zinc and L-glutamine for gut health after swimming in a lovely lake for 80 metre and a few other lake swims we took and all the other lovely obstacles they had us doing, so gut health was high on my post recovery list.

Alkaline salt
Greens drink

Tuesday at the TCC, Tiddington Community Ctr 1.00pm

Wednesday  at Rosebird Community Hall    5.45pm

Wednesday at Lower Quinton Village Hall    7.30pm
Having no wifi, bt line is a nightmare, since we have moved.... hence the lack of e-mail...

3rd Age Women, Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness

This was the first even certification course in the UK,

I was so pleased to be in the same room as some of these amazing fitness and health experts on 3rd Age health.  
From the US. Jessica Drummond - nutrition
Ireland , Women top Health Physio and lectures in Chelsea & Westminster Hospital -  Michelle Lyons
From the world of Bio-Identical hormones, Dr Wendy Henning, Harley Street, London.
Event organizer -  Jenny Brunel, fitness for the 3rd age.

There were so many light bulb moments on the 2 day LIVE course but if I had to pick one thing.!!!!, which is really hard, so I'm picking two and that hard too
Pay attention to your gut health.
It's really, really important in everything that we do, we are what we absorb.....
You can be eating all this brilliant wonderful nourishment foods but if none of it is getting absorption then that not much good.

Bone health - bone quality and bone density are different, we want bone quality. As bone can be a strong structure on the outside and week and brittle on the inside.  So getting the quality of a strong bone structure on both inside and outside is key.

Again that's down to absorption of minerals and vitamins, which we get from our foods.  Nutrition is a key fact..

FACT ---- The physio's have seen an massive increase of bone fracture (hip - pelvic) over the last 3 years.  This is mainly due to poor nutrition = poor absorption, from the studies been carried out.

Key areas to work on...
1.Lift Weight -- weight beaning exercise..., remember you bodyweight is a great tool to use.
2. Quality organic foods (if possible)
3. Hormones - balance
4. Lifestyle
5. Sleep
6. Rest & Relaxation
7. Supplementation
8. De-Stress
Birthday News
attends my Hampton Lucy classes. Jean was 70 years young at the end of April. Jean has been attending my classes for the last 15+year and she's done an #Insanity class, an amazing lady... Hope you had an amazing day.

On 21st May - Wednesday, it's the Big 30 for Rachel, who attends my Bootcamps, #insanity classes.

Happy Birthday to Larissa today 19th May who's an #Insanity and Hampton Lucy babe...


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