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Posted by Hazel Oliver
Hazel Oliver
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on Tuesday, 22 December 2015
in Health

It's all about Lifestyle..!

It's all about Lifestyle..!

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It's all about Lifestyle..!

How true that is...?
I totally agree with the report that was talked about on the news last week.

At long last a report to says that cancer is affected by lifestyle,
environment issue and stress are major contributors.
Take a look and listen
70-80% of cancers are down to lifestyle......
Looking for that " Perfect Lifestyle."...,that he talks about, it's not easy,
otherwise everybody would be doing it.

During my studies to become a Natural Juice Therapist earlier this year
It was very aware to me that
after reading so many books, reports and resources,
I knew that lifestyle had a massive influence to cancer cases
resources, - Dr N W Walker.  Ann Wigmore,  Dr Humbart Santillo  Steven G Pratt to name a few.

But nobody believes you,
 just look at you as if your off your rocker
or what do you know!
because it's not publicised until now
but this has been report in the Medical Journal many, many year ago but nobody wants to believe it
The pharmaceutical/drug industry is big bucks ££££££££££,
These drugs companies want a sick nation,
they are looking for repeat business and they have it.
Look at our nation
Obesity everywhere, Diabetes, CHD, high BP, high Cholesterol, etc.
A sick nation.

You are in control of your lifestyle....

You're only as healthy as the environment you live and work in. 
How can anything live, grow, flourish in a toxic environment.
that includes your body, not just things around and about you.

Xenoestrogens are chemical polluters,
smog, fumes, pollution issues, global warming, plastics, pesticides, herbicides, bath smelly stuff, shampoo, body lotions, water pollution, wood, metals.
we are creating a toxic world to live in..

Now think about all those lovely smelly pamper products,
and what do you put on your skin?
Are they organic?
Check for SBS, Parabens,
We absorb 60% of what we put on our skin.

GO Organic.
Here's some of my top one I use,
Michael Todd Organics UK. http://www.michaeltodd.uk/
Green People.
Trevarno Organics 
Pure Lakes 
Plant Organic, London

Lifestyle chooses, are our call
Food, diet, drink, fitness and people,
surround yourself with positive people, uplifting, inspirational,
motivating people, kick out the negativity in your life.

It all starts at a cellular level.
Cells, cells, cells.
Create a health toxic free environment for cells to live in.
there are trillions of cells that live in your body.
Make than a happy home to live in.
If you don't look after your body,
you have nowhere to live..
it's pretty simple.

Are you fed up?
of being tired, no energy,
moody, unfit or maybe suffering from some of the issues I mentioned above
and / or that
CBA "Can't Be Assed" approach,

Want to do something but just don't know
where to start first.
Do I hit the gym
Do I sort out my food
Do you need a kick to the butt,
a Kickstart to get up on the right road.

I see this most days,
people hitting the gym hard,
smashing it and then eat crap..
I don't see the point.
Why would you do that.?
No amount of exercise is going to be the answer to a crap diet.

Eat crap, feel crap
Does Mr Kellogg's really care about your health
when he's selling you his
Healthy Specials K breakfast cereal, full of sugars, additives, preserves product.
his bottom line is about £££££££££

Make some smart choices,
that are better for you
not just another excuse, that's easy

Only 3 Places on my Lifestyle & Wellness Package for January



Hazel " Lifestyle " Oliver

Staying fit & Healthy
Merry Christmas

Be Brilliant


Here's the daytime classes. 
So I have booked hire on these day,numbers pending..

New class  days & times.

The Malthouse, Alveston, Stratford Upon Avon.
Tuesday 12th January 2016, afternoon at 1.30pm (The Gallery)
Wednesday 13th January 2016, mornings 9.15am (The Gallery)
Thursday 14th January 2016pm  evening at 6.15pm (Main Hall)

This will be a new course for both the foundation phase and re-fresher's.
6 week Foundation course



For the re-fresher programme...
here the link





Amazeballs ...

Healthy Christmas Treats
Choose between
Prunes, apricots, dates

Add handful of one or two or all of the below.
Linseeds/flaxseeds, Chia seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkins seeds, small handful of cranberries, hemp seeds,
also you can add small(tsp) Mace powder for hormone balance.
Blend all together
roll in balls,
coat with coconut
melt dark organic 85% dark chocolate

Merry Christmas

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