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on Friday, 04 October 2013
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Intermittment Fasting Newsletter

Greetings - Newsletter 27th September 2013

Quote.... "Be Consistent and Persistent in whatever you do in life" .........................

You can relate this to anything in life, your dreams/goals, whether it's weightloss/fatloss, fitness, run a 5 or 10K/half marathon/full marathon, a challenges, in business etc. All successful people get knocked down, again and again, they all pick themselves up, learn from their mistakes and always move forward or they walk away from their dream/goal. Or do you walk away when the going gets tough or out of your comfort zone and jump ship and go to the next new gimmick, that's isn't being consistent and persistent or do you follow your passion, what is your passion. ?, follow it.

Class News.......................

Fatburner/CardioTone           Tuesday, Hampton Lucy Village Hall 7.30-8.30pm £5.00

Fitness Pilates,                     Thursday, The Malthouse, Alveston 7.30-8.30pm £8.00


October The Magnificent 7Day Detox

Kids are back to school, back into your routine. So you better Get ready for the party season, it will soon be here with Detox, 7 day detox, 7days clean eating, 7days Results......

7Day Detox and Clean eating plan

Start on Monday 30th September 2013.

This intense 7day programme that will not only kick start your fatloss, increase your metabolism , tone & sculpt your body, it will improve your fitness levels, strength, health and wellbeing.


7 x 10 Minutes workouts , in your own home

7 Day Clean eating plan

Take action, Book on Now....see October 7Day Detox

We kick off on 30th September 2013

Daily Guidance, Nutrition, Shopping list, Recipes ideas, Health tips, Help, Support group though facebook secret page or e-mail.

Interested inbox me/mail/text or fb me, doors close Friday evening before Monday at 9pm

Want to Get Involved?                                                      

Next detox starts Monday 4th November 2013 ..................................

October - Halloween BootCamp       

Start Monday September 30th              

                              Stratford-u-Avon BootCamp is open for bookings NOW......

                                     Monday, Wednesday & Friday 06.15- 07.00am

The Autumn is here, the darker mornings are here, but get your workout sessions done first thing and enjoy the rest of your day. Working out in the mornings has many benefits, it's good to exercise in a fasted state, boosts your metabolism so your burning fat throughout the day and the after burn (Epoc) up to 48hours PW (post workout).

Do you want to get fitter, stronger, healthier, leaner, drop body fat , get your body and health into gear, better function then this is for you, if you don't then this isn't for you...

Be a part of a winning environments, wanting to make a difference, moving forward, making changes for the better, so you look better, perform better and feel better.......................Act NOW..... Massive Action = Massive Results..

                       Daily nutrition plan, hydration, recipes ideas, fatloss tips in the facebook group

Times :- Early birds 06.15am -07.00am :-

Days:- Mondays Wednesdays Fridays

Where:- Stratford Recreation Ground (meet bandstand area).   Book NOW :- Take action now not another excuses ..........Bookings NOW


                               Just BootCamp Live Workout only sessions

                Cost for Live Bootcamp with No nutrition package, but access to fb support group

Bookings close Friday 27th September 2013 9pm  


Congratulations, drum roll please.......!!

BIG shout out to.....................,Sue and Cath for completing the Great North Run, the other weekend 2hr 18mins, 2hr 17mins, excellent results ladies and to

Emma and Rachel on their epic Coast to Coast Scotland challenge, firstly for completing it as a number of competitors didn't and doing it in 13hr 50 mins. Brilliant achievement on both counts..

Good luck to Emma for this weekend Nottingham Half Marathon...

What's News.....I had my first call-up last week for a Breast Screening Test.., One of those things that comes around when you hit a certain age and have regular check-up every couple of years. Please make sure you attend ladies. I was talking to the nurses and they were saying that so many ladies don't attend, without any explanation as to why. I have many ladies who have overcome breast cancers and other issues attending my weekly classes, for health, exercise and wellbeing benefits, they are all moving forward with their life's.

Yesterday I attended the LIW -Leisure International Week at the NEC. What was really noticeable this year was that there was No Zumba's, No Bokawa's, last year these guys owned the place, this year not in sight, No new dance craze. It was all about Functional movements, Tababa , HIIT's training, for the more effective method of fitness, for health, fitness and wellbeing benefits. Very little on fixed resistance, the focus was all functional, powerbags, med balls, batons, power plate, functional pilates, cycling, swimming, triathlon had a big presence.

Healthy hearty Breakfasts

.... Sugars are the problem, and cereals are full of sugars, preservative, enhancers and additives all unhealthy for us and our children.

Try these 5 healthy hearty breakfasts - be organised, create new habits


1. Eggs - boiled, scrambled, poached, sunny side up or down...

2. Omelettes - salmon, chicken, prawns, streak or add any protein to them.

3. Smoothies - fruit and/or vegetables

4. Porridge - make with coconut/almond/hazelnut/hemp/rice milks. Much healthier than cows.

5. Pancakes with berries or organic natural live yoghurt and bananas, nuts and seeds



1. Buy organic or free range eggs if you can

2. Smoothies are a brilliant way of getting vitamin and minerals into your digestive system

Two of my favourite smoothies

Berry Berry Smoothie                                                                      Ingredients           

* 75g Strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, dark cherries.

* handful fresh spinach

* 200ml coconut milk

* 1tsp almond/cashew butter

* 1/2 tsp cinnamon

* Ice cubes


* Blend all ingredient together and enjoy

Green Devil Smoothie                                                                          


* 2 Kiwi

* 1 peeled apple

* 1/2 Avocado

* 1 banana

* 1 stick of celery

* 1/4 cucumber

* 200ml coconut milk

* juice of 1/2 lime

* handful of fresh spinach

* pinch chai/flax seeds

* ice cubes


Blend all ingredient together and drink

Dig out your blender and/or juicer get whizzing away, give them a go, and your children too.......In October's issue of Health and Fitness magazine there is a big write up on the health and wellbeing benefits of smoothies and juicing, in fact it a small booklet.

1. Detoxify of the Liver

2. More energy

3. Lifts mood

4. Alkalises the body

5. Full of Antioxidants

6. Better concentration

7. Increases hydration of the body

8. Improves digestion

9. Better, skin, hair, nails your personal care

10. Fewer sugar cravings

11. Increase levels of micro and macro nutrients in the body, ...... plus many, many more


Article - Intermittent Fasting   (IF) The amazing benefits

Over the last 2 and a half to three years I have done intermittent fasting. This has had lots of press over the past year, with different TV programmes and documentaries as well as the release of the The Fast Diet book (or 5:2 Diet), again based on the TV programme with Dr Michael Mosley & Mimi Spencer 

The IF, gives the Liver and digestive system time to rest and do its proper job of cleansing the body (the liver is the cleaning house of the body) of toxins and restore energy to the working muscles, (in basic terms) instead of digesting unhealthy foods and drinks that might have been ingested. If the Liver is slow and sluggish from foods you are eating, bread/pasta/pizza/ gluten/wheat products and all processed foods, caffeine , alcohol, you feel slow, sluggish, no energy, tired, moody. The cleaner the liver the healthier the body. The Liver is the 2nd biggest organ in the body...Look after it....


People say they can't do Intermittent Fasting, I guarantee you this is psychological hunger not physiological hunger. If you're eating 3 healthy hearty meals a day packed full of vitamin and mineral dense foods and super hydrated, then you can't possibly be hungry, carbs take 17 hours to deplete and to get from mouth to small intestine takes between 6-8 hours, so your cells will always have nourishment to carry you through the IF. Most people problely eat every 4-6 hours, 3 times a day. (except when sleeping) Also on a IF your blood sugar (insulin) will drop, getting off the insulin roller coaster and make sure your super hydrated.

Example of some nourishment healthy meals...

Breakfast   .... is " Breaking the Fast" 1st feed/meal of the day

Eggs & salmon , spinach, watercress, with olives, seeds & nuts

or Porridge with berries/banana


2nd feed/meal of the day

Butternut squash soup or Broccoli soup

or Turkey fillet with massive green salad (watercress, spinach, avocado, tomatoes, kale, cucumber almond oil and seasoning)


3rd feed/meal of the day

Thai green curry and small amount of brown rice

or Turkey Burgers and sweet potatoes chips


How could you possibly be hungry? or do you think you're hungry.. We are what we think..

or are you just eating the wrong foods.

Staying fit & healthy




Thank you to those who supported our charity Bingo evening the other weekend, we raised an amazing £1000 from the evening. My husband Darren, starts his journey next Wednesday 2nd October 2013 to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.   Thank you all again for your kind donations we are at £4485.00


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