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Posted by Hazel Oliver
Hazel Oliver
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on Wednesday, 20 January 2016
in Health

How well do you breathe..?

How well do you breathe?

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How well do you breathe?

How you breathe has a massive connection to the
pelvic floor, diaphragm, back and abdominal wall, as you can see.

All these need to be working together to get
effective and optimal pelvic floor support and function.
If one is not firing then that's going to hinder the pathway for its function.
from stress/urge incontinence, bowel problems, prolapse etc..

Did anybody see "Call the Midwife" on Sunday evening... 
Flying the flag for Prolapse and Holistic Core Restore..

The 'Expansion and Compression' cycle of the the Core driven by the breath.

Hazel "  and breathe " Oliver

Have you just had a baby
 been post natal 15 years+ 
know somebody who has?
Are you or them unsure what exercises to do that are safety.

You have been signed off my your Doctor at your 6 week check, 
they says yes go back to exercise.
yippee you say!!!,

So what does that means when you have a diastasis (tummy separation)
considering that the connective tissue takes time to heal,
needs the right exercises and supplementation.

An trauma to the body takes 365 days to heal.

You have to nourish your body well,
know what to do
and what not to do.
be mindful.

Can I do planks?
can I do what you were doing before?,
(consider the changes your body has gone through the last 9 months? or 15 years )
can I go running?
Can I have coffee? - how does coffee effect healing?
Can I have a drink?,
I hear you say!!!? loudly ??

Here's the link to find out more. get help, advise, support and guidance


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