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Posted by Hazel Oliver
Hazel Oliver
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on Friday, 13 December 2013
in Life

How do you move?, could you move better? #imovefreely

How do you move, could you move better?

Seasonal Greetings....It's nearly here, are you ready?
Merry Christmas......
How do you move. could you move better?  #imovefreely - biomechanics

Do you walk?,
How well do you walk?,
Could you walk better? 
then this is for you, super simple..!!!!

This takes me back. 
Eight or nine years ago, at this time of year,  I sneezed in the middle of the night and it left me howling....,
I scrambled my way to the doctors and was told I had prolapsed dics,  L5, S2, lumber spine,
all this from a  " sneeze "!!!!!, and we all sneeze!!
Well, it's quite common, the force that is created  from a sneeze is enormous,
it changed my life, in total pain and couldn't do much at all.

As you know I'm not one of those instructions who just stands around and verbally instructs,
I get involved, motivate and encourage my class participants, to give 100%.

So losing 85% mobility on the right hand side of my body,  stopped me in my tracks, it was a nightmare and totally frustrating....grrrrrr.
Has something like this happened to you?, when you can't get on
and totally frustrated...
 But I was very lucky, I had a great friend called Kevin, who went to most if not all my classes and was my front row rocker,
to my left hand side and he was and is fantastic with my choreography and picked things up really quick,
so we toured around my classes, 
I was the voice and Kev was my action man packed visual aid,
we did this for a number of weeks/months, until I was ready to rock and roll myself...

I wished I'd know then, what I know now ......
So last weekend I was in Birmingham on a course (for a change), studying with Biomechanics Education, on the imovefreely programme
I did the first part to this course earlier in May this year.

For many years now, I have studied functional training and put it into practice on a daily basis,
creating awareness,  mindfulness of your body, movement,
loaded and unloaded exercise principles, gravity , force and motion is a 3D space.

Did you know...? this is science & facts, not me..
A whopping 60% of dysfunction comes from the " pelvis ", 
your centre of gravity, then dysfunction to the lumber spine,
thoriace spine, knee, foot.
The Pelvic Floor, supports and protect from the inside out..

A tight pec minor,(chest area) might be caused by tight hamstrings, due to the bodies kinetic chain...
Hamstring origin and insertion,
In its basic form below knee into humerus  (arm), with a lots of crossing joints and muscles in between..
If you have a shoulder problem could be that a hamstring needs to be released, 
hamstings cross the pelvis!!, hence possible pelvic dysfunction. 

When I massage I will always start at the superficial front line at the foot, at your toes , 
even if you come to me with a shoulder problem, because of our kinetic chain make up.
Most schools of massage should start at the bottom and work towards the heart,
but do they know the WHY?,  or is it what they were taught to do but no WHY.

What's your thoughts?
Weak muscles need strengthen?
Tight muscles need stretching?
Agree or disagree?
More on this in the next newsletter...
look forward to your feedback on this one

One for my hockey girls...
Play in flexion, back on extension, tight pecs, positioning of hands on stick,
tight hamstring from positioning and running the field, dominant on one side. 
Short psoas (hip flexors) from flexion....
release hamstrings, release pecs, better shoulder positioning,
release glutes, thoriac spine and lumber spine, more efficient core, pelvis, 
Girls you might be in need of some major muscle release.....!  
Pain and cause are never in the same spot..

This is from Biomechanics Education
" Fat loss, gain mass, run faster, jump higher, change your shape, get stronger = all PTs clients goals right?
To do all of the above they need to a). Move more freely b). Prepare their body from the inside out c). Improve their biomechanics
So to all PTs, become a Biomechanics Coach!

2014 January, #imovefreely biomechanics and massage release programme

Clinic Tuesdays 11-00 until 3.00pm

2014 Timetable

Tuesday     11.am -3.00pm  - Biomechanics & Muscle release clinic
60 minutes and 90 minute sessions

Tuesday       7.30-8.30pm - Fatbuster class Hampton Lucy Village Hall

Wednesday  7.45-8.45pm - FooFoo Classes, The Malthouse, Alveston

Thursday      7.30-8.30pm - Fitness Pilates, The Malthouse, Alveston

Bad Weather Policy
In the event of snow/bad weather, I will make a decision by 3pm on the class day, giving you enough notice not to attend the class and cancel the class.
Thank You's
A BIG "Thank You" to the Butchers for providing us with brilliant local produce with the Booty Meat Boxes, BBQ boxes, Joint Boxes.
We shall of more next year..
Lee at Hilliers Butchers
Barry The Butcher
Keith Russell Butchers

I'm all for organic, natural products and produce, here's my top 3.

Give them a try, or put then on your Christmas list from Santa 

Christmas classes...
My last class is Saturday 21st December
All classes back week commencing 6th January 2014 

e-Smoothie book
Being the savvy techie person that I am, NOT, but it's with them....It's should be finished this weekend, fingers crossed, doing the final preparation on the download side of things.
"A Garden In Your Glass"

FooFoo Classes

All the kits have been ordered, home DVD, bands, booklets all received.
We are starting on Wednesday 8th January 2014, 7.45 pm, at The Malthouse, in Alveston

Do you want to be able to run, jump, play a sport,
go for a walk, without needing the loo every 5 minutes? or crossing your legs.
Play games with your children or on the trampoline in your garden, or even laugh, sneeze or pick an item up, that could be your child or your baby, with out any issues.
If you do then this probably is for you.

Here's the link just in case you missed it



Your reason why you should be looking after your Pelvic Floor

Check out this link

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