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Posted by Hazel Oliver
Hazel Oliver
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on Friday, 23 May 2014
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Health Foodbank

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Hey my Juice Tribe, here you go

Mineral Heaven...
4 Apples
Good nugget of ginger
1 lemon
Massive handful of fresh spinach
2 celery sticks
Cauliflower stalk
Ice, ice ...

All juiced, iced and enjoy..:-)

This juice will take you to Mineral Heaven, it's got everything.
Calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, zinc, potassium , sodium, copper, boron, manganese, sulphur, iron, chloride, selenium and chromium, these are all big contenders in the mineral playing field

Hot tip for you........
Vegetables are usually mineral rich and fruits are vitamin rich.

Health Foodbank

What could you start today, to improve your health tomorrow.

As you know, I'm big into health and it's the first thing that you should be looking at to increase better wellness, reduce disease, such as diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, CHD, get your health right and the weight loss, energy, mood, self esteem, confidence all improve for the better.

So what simple things could you action now, to help you on your health journey tomorrow.

1.  Drink more water (filtered or bottled)
Tap water is highly treated with large amounts of chemicals to kill bacteria and other nasty things, it also contain toxic metal salts and pesticides which effect your well-being.
Tap water has been typically found to contain; Chlorine, Fluorine compounds, Trihalomethanes (THMs), Hormones, Nitrates, Pesticides as well as Salts of:, arsenic, radium. aluminium, copper, lead, mercury, cadmium, barium...... Toxins are bad for the body...
check out these water filters if your interested,.....
See more

2. Protein first thing. 
Have protein for breakfast which kick start your metabolism and bin the boxes of cereal which are carbs (full of sugars, high energy, low nutritional value, processed) they spike insulin and helps you store and lay down fat cells.. The highs and lows of mood and energy spikes.
Wheat & gluten free porridge is a much healthier cereal but still an oat, a grain.
Eggs are great, easy and full of goodness...

3. Cut out the crap/rubbish processed food
They are full of preservatives, additives, sugars, fillers or/and bulking agents.

4. Ditch the caffeine....,
Caffeine is a stimulant and a diuretic , keeps you in the wide awake club, dehydrated you all at the some time. Plays havoc with you hormone balance.

5. Go for a walk....
Walking is great for you time, head space, increases your uptake on Vitamin D

6.  Fasting...IF (intermittent Fasting)
Fasting has been big in the news in the last 18months to 2 years, with lots of science behind it promoting longevity and health wellness.
By fasting you also give the LIVER time to rest, the liver is the cleaning house for your digestive system,  the less rubbish foods and drinks you ingest, the less the liver has to work. The more rest the liver has to do it proper job, of giving more energy to your body and working muscle.

7.  Sleep  --- , sleep simulate HGH ( human Growth Hormones) which has massive links with weight loss/fat loss, health and wellness.

#Insanity Classes crew
Tuesday Lunchtime  1.15pm at the Tiddington Community Centre.

Wednesday               5.45pm at the Rosebird Community Hall
                                   (booking essential
                        (I'm looking to change with class to a bigger venue)

Wednesday               7.30pm at Lower Quinton Village Hall

If anybody know of a bigger venue in Stratford, please let me know., lots school, high school and the sport hall are not available become of school exam season.

I'm typing this last newsletter from Tiddington, sitting on the floor, in an house is empty.  I'm the last one to leave, got the short straw with the  final clean..., luck of the draw ah,....

I might be off the radar for a while, with the unpack and get things sorted.
but still contact me with any questions etc....

Look forward to seeing you guys this week in Classes..

BootCamp PAYG Wednesday & Friday 6.15am, Anybody fancy an extra session we meet at the bandstand at the recreation ground is Stratford U Avon.. one off's £10.00 per session.

Be Brilliant
Hazel " new beginning " Oliver

Have a brilliant Bank Holiday......

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