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Posted by Hazel Oliver
Hazel Oliver
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on Monday, 17 August 2015
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Green is Go

Green is Go

Green is Go...

Green Juicy News

This is brilliant internal healing for the post natal mum
and everybody for that matter

MASSIVE handful of fresh spinach, half the bag if not more.
1/2 lime
inch ginger
handful of fresh parsley
1/2 cucumber

In juicing terms 
Green is energy foods

My top green veggie to juice at the moment is" Spinach"
it's classed as a "superfood."
It has many healing properties.

Helping out spinach are it's side kicks
kale which I love too...
romaine lettuce, orange bell peppers, swiss chard, turnip greens

They all have an amazing amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
many of the B vitamins , thiamine, riboflavin B6, folate
(the body doesn't make B or C vitamins so we have to get them from our foods)
magnesium, manganese, zinc
Vit K
omega 3, healthy fatty acids
amazingly rich in calcium, much more than milk

Leafy greens play a massive role in preventing CardioVascular disease,
because it works to get rid of dangerous amino acid - homocysteine from the body.
(Homosysteine is one of the 20 amino acids.
high levels of are associated with heart attack, stroke, and blood clots.)
Also spinach is an anti cancer superfood and I love it

If your not eating it, then get eating it
go raw, it's the best way to eat it.....!!!!,

Eggs and spinach for breakfast
Brilliant start to you day

Be Brilliant

Hazel " go green" Oliver

Great juice for post-natal mum's

If your wanting to get back into shape after your baby
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Wanting to tone, lose weight
feel better about yourself
get fitter and have fun all at the same time

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Take Action

Green is go

Be Brilliant


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