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Posted by Hazel Oliver
Hazel Oliver
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on Tuesday, 05 August 2014
in Health

Give me Water....!!!

Drink, drink and more drink...............WATER

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Drink, drink and drink more...

At the end of most classes if not all my classes,
I have a habit of always saying,
"Make sure you drink plenty and stay hydrated", 
At least it's a positive healthy habit....,
That got me thinking about this newsletter.
What I drink is completely different to what you drink; I'm talking water by the way.....!!
Yet the government guideline is 6-8 glasses of water. 
Now that's not good enough for me,
6-8 glasses, isn't measure-able,
How big or small is your glass of water? they will be different.
My weight, build and body type is completely different to yours.
I'm 5ft 6inch and 60kgs, you could be 6ft 2inch and 90kg, how can we possibly be wanting the same amount of hydration.!
Yet the 6-8 glasses is across the board, from the government.
So, here's the heads-up from leading health & wellness fitpro's.... guideline
1 litre to every 50 lbs of bodyweight.., simple and measure-able, just do the maths
Bottled is better than tap,
(Tap -high in heavy metal toxins,
Lead/copper pipes, all the water treatment, chemicals added etc).
Glass is better than plastics,
due to the toxins in plastics and xesoestrogens (chemicals and environment toxins)
But drinking any water is better than none at all or a limited amount.

The guys that are on my weightloss & fitness plan, I would be asking to drink between 3 - 5 litres per day, to get them super hydrated and sometimes even when they are drinking more they will be thirstier.

So "WHY" should you be drinking more water...
1.  The solution to pollution is diluting (dilute/less toxic diseases)
2.  The brain is 60% water
3.  The body is 70% water
4.  There are trillions of cells in the body, each cells needs to be fed (nutrient) and watered.  If you are de-hydrated, it's like the nutrients moving through treacle, thick, sticky slow sludge.  So your body is not getting the nourishment it needs to function.  
5.  Dilute the toxicity of the body (acid/alkaline body)
6.  Get better focus, clarity, concentration benefits
7.  My head hurts.....Why is it?
 If you've had a heavy night on the booze, a head like a bucket and/or the headache from hell,
De-hydration......., remember the brain is 60% water, so its swells and it needs water to function.
8.  The fat WILL NOT give up its home if you're not super hydrated.
9.  When you sweat the body loses, water and more importantly vital salts and by salts I mean, calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium Salts.  You should be replacing these salts either with an alkalising salt, Phil Richards Performance have a brilliant product but if your budget doesn't go to that then get yourself to the super market and get some Epsom Salts. - (sleeping might be affected, cramp, restless legs)
Here's the link for the salts.
10.  When you are sweating you are losing water, water is not weight...... Hit the weight to make a different on your shape, wellness & health.
Hazel "drinking for Britain" Oliver

I caught a headline in today's Daily Express paper just before I went to teach my class this evening, it read
HEATWAVE, 600 lives lost in 3 days ,.....
De-hydration, please keep hydrated in this hot weather....!!



This Week's Schedule







Class News, I'm off on my jolly Hols...!!

My last Classes are:-

Tuesday 5th  
Hampton Lucy VH

Wednesday 13th
Lower Quinton VH.

Thursday  14th    
The Malthouse,
Fitness Pilates        

All classes start back Monday 1st September 2014

New Meon Vale Village Hall classes start September

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Tuesday  1.30-2.30pm PowerCHiYoga

Wednesday 6.15pm
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Bookings are already coming in for these classes

I'm planning to run some tasters at the Meon Vale launch on the 16th August 2014, if your around pop down and say hi.... 12-4pm
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Juice Tribe  (JT)
MASSIVE handful of spinach

Juice all together, add ice and drink and enjoy...!!


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