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Posted by Hazel Oliver
Hazel Oliver
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on Wednesday, 27 January 2016
in Health

Get off your butts..

Get off your butts.

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Get off your butts!,

I speak about movement all the time
and moving in a functional way,
3-Dimensional, Tri-plane movement pattern
or multidirectional.
This is a brilliant piece of research from a Orthopaedic student,
Do you Stretch or not..!
This has been a big discussion point in the fitness industry for many year,
take a read of this

This leads me to the massive benefits of fitness pilates

The article talks about the nervous system and working on your
parasympathetic nervous system, again I'm thinking Fitness Pilates
get out of the fight and flight mode and relax, chill, downtime.

Breathing correctly effect the oxygenation of the body systems.
getting more alkaline, the more oxygen in the blood, the healthier you are.

It talks about functions,
running from your toes to your head,
the myofascial meridian lined.
Hence me saying point your toes and flex,
more your arms.
I'm also looking at moving the myofascia line of movement
as they cross the pelvis,  therefore pelvic floor is activated.
massive focus on breathing, tension
core connection and function.

It's talks about sit, sit, sit all day..
some of us do this all the time,
at work, at home it the computer(guilty)
eating meal, driving,, sit, sit and more sitting..!
and we need to get up and
functional move our bodies.

It talks about lacrosse balls(tennis balls) and foam rollers,
I've use both these last week in classes and HCR coaching clients.
Tennis balls used in last weeks fitness pilates class,
excellent release work for the foot and ankle joint,
as so much happens at this joint, its important to get it to function right.

A wonderful 3 and half month post natal mum.
foam roller to release tight area and walking out taller
HCR Coaching programme is all about
Core connection, breathing, functional body.
relate this to the last newsletter on breathing...

Hazel " connected " Oliver

Juice Tribe
I'm holding a Juicing Roadshow.

A fun evening of the do's and don't of juicing

Why Juice?
Do you juice?
Do you Bullet or blend?

Friday 5th February 2016
At my home - Meon Vale, S-u-A

Limited space..., first come first served.
Super Early bird  £15.00- ends 22/1/16,You missed it
Early Bird            £17.00 - ends 29/1/16
Normal price       £25.00  - after  29/1/16

By the way, here's the link


Fitness Pilates Classes
Mondays7.30-8.30pm Meon Vale LC Village Hall

Tuesdays NFU Sports Annex Fitness Pilates EXPress12.15-1.00pm

Thursdays The Malthouse, Alveston S-u-A 7.30-8.30pm

Please contact clubs direct Welcombe Spa to book on.
All U3a, contact Group Leaders as per U3a newsletter

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