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on Wednesday, 26 June 2013
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Fitness Pilates

Newsletter 26th June 2013

Quote " Instead of complaining about your circumstances, get busy and create some new ones "

Class News.............................................All classes are full speed ahead...

What have I been up too?........................

Week last Sunday I attended a Fitness Pilates course in Birmingham, already I'm putting the new ideas into my classes. A lot of focus on the foot and ankle and internal & external placement of the foot, so the joints move in their sockets eg, turning your toes in, toes out, alters the shaft of the femur in the ball & socket joint at the hip joint, also different muscle will engage, moving them in different plans of movement. It covered all positions of the body, all fours, laying prone, supine, seated, side laying, kneeling, standing. They spoke about 2 specialist populations, Older Adult and Pre & Post Natal, the do and don't.. BIG "Do's" examples, Do include a wide variety of standing moves which incorporate balance, co-ordination, reaction time(tempo), upper body moves for improving strength-prevent onset of osteoporosis, using bands, weights, balls, the floor press up, as you know one of my favourites, functional moves, flexibility of the spine- the roll down move,... All the ladies and gents already attending my FP, will already to doing this and have been for a number of years....Also reassurance to know that your teaching the right thing as an instructor, cutting edge technique for fitness, health & wellbeing.

Then there was a specialist Fitness Pilates area- working on the principal of Identifying - mobilising & Strengthening - Releasing - Re-Identification.

Area's Shoulders & Upper back, Spine & Lower back, Ankle, Knees & hips. Again this is a holistic approach that I really like, as was the last biomechanics course, it had the same focus.

It's that's busy time of the month, getting ready for next month July, sunny days

Beach Body ready, The Magnificent 7Day Detox Plan

7 day detox,7days clean eating, 7days Results........

7Day Detox and Clean eating plan

Start on Monday 1st July 2013.

This intense 7day programme that will not only kick start your fatloss, increase your metabolism , tone & sculpt your body, it will improve your fitness levels, strength, health and wellbeing.

7 x 10 Minutes workouts , in your own home

7 Day Clean eating plan

Take action, Book on Now,

Cleanse and Detox your body just in time for a summer holiday, just around the corner, so let's get moving, make a decision now not another excuse to take action.. , feel fitter, healthier, stronger, more confident

Full detail are on my website www.hazeloliverfitness.com and facebook pages Hazel Oliver Fitness and Hazel Oliver

                                                  Starting Monday July 1st 2013                

            July Stratford-u-Avon BootCamp is open for bookings NOW......

            Monday, Wednesday & Friday as normal, ending Thursday 25th 2013

Summer is here, the light mornings are here, get your workout sessions done first thing and enjoy the rest of your day. Working out in the mornings has many benefits, it's good to exercise in a fasted state, boosts your metabolism so your burning fat throughout the day and the after burn (Epoc) up to 48hours PW (post workout).

Do you want to get fitter, stronger, healthier, leaner, drop body fat , get your body and health into gear, better function then this is for you, if you don't then this isn't for you...

Be a part of a winning environments, wanting to make a difference, moving forward, making changes for the better, so you look better, perform better and feel better.........Act NOW..!!!.

Times :- Early birds 06.15am -07.00am :-   

Days:- Mondays Wednesdays Fridays

Where:- Stratford Recreation Ground (meet bandstand area).

Bookings NOW been taken ........!!

                                                Just BootCamp Live Workout only sessions


Bookings close Friday 28th June 2013 9pm

Payments via Bank Transfer, cash, cheque or paypal...... for link go to www.facebook.com/hazeloliverfitness or e-mail me hazel@This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">hazeloliverfitness.com.

Wed site -----   www.hazeloliverfitness.com

Article................Fitness Pilates  

Fitness Pilates is a mind body workout, taking all the protocols from traditional mat based fitness and bring it in the 21st century, as we know much more about how the body moves and works than we did in the early days of Mr J Pilates, science has moved on, so does pilates, just like everything you will be left behind if you don't. Fitness Pilates is a much more functional approach to pilates as we all move and function in a busy 3D world.

I trained as a Pilates instructor ten years ago and in that time it has gone through lots of change, probably not like it used to be, all lying on the floor. I include standing sequence, balance, challenging your focus, alignment, posture, kneeling, supine (face the ceiling), prone (face the floor), side lying, all fours and work all three planes of movement, Sagittal (flexion/extension, forward/backwards), Lateral or Frontal (adduction/abduction, sideward's) and Transverse (rotation, twisting)

Due to high demand and a full studio at Monday's class, I now teach another class at the Welcombe Spa. Two well established weekly group classes for the U3a group in Wellesbourne for over 3 year and due to its popularity, I have added another groups class 2 months ago and is full. My community class at The Malthouse at 7.30pm in Alveston on Thursday evenings.

We all lift things, reach, bent, turn, lay, kneel, stand, twist, balance, co-ordinate, focus, all at different levels. This time of year you lovely ladies and gents are doing your gardening, weeding, picking your home grown veggie & fruits, so you're on your knees, then reaching to pick the fruits, you reaching for something in the cupboards, up high and down low, get in the car and put your handbag, sport kit on the passenger seat, rotation from a fixed position, do you train in these positive? but you do them without thinking everyday in your lifestyle, if you don't train in these planes of movement, then that's when you get injured, as the body isn't used to it, it's new, different, so you need to train for function, even in pilates, so being on the floor for long periods of time, isn't in keeping with your lifestyle. The next thing is this my back hurts, I've pulled it, something went when I put the shopping in the boot of the car, some simple everyday tasks.

I have a very wide age range that attend, from 9 to 80 years young.. they are all marvellous!!!., from a sporting back round, local runners, hockey, netball, rowers, riders, tennis players attend, as function and core is a key area to their discipline.

Here are two testimonials from my lovely class members,

I decided to give This Fitness Pilates class a try following recommendation from a friend. I am familiar with general Pilates classes in small groups and really enjoy this form of exercise and all the benefits it gives. However, this class is really different! It is run by a lady called Hazel who is a wealth of information on  diet, nutrition, fitness and exercise. She is highly qualified, incredibly enthusiastic and motivating as an Instructor. Her class uses all the knowledge and theory of Pilates but in a much more functional way and you really feel like you have had a workout. As a Physiotherapist I am interested in posture and functional movement to prevent injury and preserve movement as we grow older. This class combines ranges, planes and directions of movement to improve core stability and strength, body alignment and balance, both static and dynamic.

It s also really good fun and it works your brain as well. Give it a go.


See you tomorrow. Lv Sharron


I have attended Hazel’s Pilates class since it was started 2 years ago.  It is testament to her skills as an instructor that no one has left the class in all that time.


Hazel makes each class very enjoyable so that I work hard at my exercises. She has a sympathetic attitude towards older people and pays special attention to anyone in the group who may, from time to time, be experiencing physical problems without neglecting the rest of the group.


I look forward to every session!

Sue Nightingale


If you are involved in your local community and would be interested starting a Fitness Pilates class up in your village hall, community centre etc, then please give me a call or text 07813 210640.



Be Brilliant

Staying fit & healthy



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