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on Thursday, 14 February 2013
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Fitness for Fatloss, Nutrition & Wellbeing


Newsletter February 1st 2013

Quote "The things which hurt, instruct. "...........................................Benjamin Franklin

Live Classes and On-Line News.......................

All classes running as normal.... Due to the continued success and brilliant results of my M7DDP Magnificent 7Day Detox Plan, I'm going to be putting this out the first week of every month .Next Detox Start again on 4th February 2013... Full list of classes and plan are on website www.hazeloliverfitness.com

Here's the links to book on..

Next one is 4th February 2013........ Who's in....?

M7DDP ---Magnificent 7Day Detox Plan

7 Days of recipes, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, secret on-line facebook group, full of tip, ideas, motivation, health knowledge, health & fitness tips and Results....................

7Day Detox Nutrition £ 27.00


7Day Detox & Workout £37.00


The Magnificent 7Day Detox Plan

Next one starting 4th March

A Big Thank you to all who have attending classes, bootcamp, PT sessions with the weather we have been having over the last couple of weeks....Excellent commitment...Thank you again.

What have I been up too?...............

So I attended my course the other week with Phil Richards in Port Talbot, South Wales, braving the snowy conditions. The event was held in aid of charity for Phil's baby daughter Ava May who was born last year with Down's Syndrome, a great cause to support. Many fitpro's from all over the country were there. I have prepared an article for my next newsletter but the message was strong on getting healthy , you can achieve this by changing your habits and thinking about your lifestyle chooses/habits that you make..Don't pick the next fantastic "DIET" that comes along from the big marketing boys...." Change your Lifestyle", your mind-set. You have trillions of cells in your body, cells needs vitamins and mineral dense foods to gain maximum health not the next best shake, powder or calorie controlled diet that comes along...If cells don't get the nourishment they require they get sick, sick cells = sick organs = sick systems = a sick body. Get healthy and that will address the diseases, fatloss, weightloss, chd, diabetes, cholesterol all decreases, blood pressure regulates etc.

Did you see the Dispatches programme on Weight Watches this week too?, how unhealthy there so called " Healthy foods" are. If it's in a box, tin, packed, it processed, it has a shelf life....

I was approached by a lady who attends my Pilates classes, would I give a talk to their local WI Group, on Healthy Eating. I'm delighted too and can't wait. If any other groups, organisations are interested in me giving talks, please get in touch.  


I've booked on to an "I move freely" course in May in Birmingham.....Pure Biomechanics, I'm sure my brain will hurt after that one but get some brilliant knowledge. How we move, freedom of movement, re-alignment of joints, reduced risk of injury and improved performance. The freer we are in movement to less energy is required, so the more " free energy" we have to use in working muscles

So into February 2013, who's still outside their comfort zone and doing something different for themselves, well done you...!!!

Article-I thought as this is a hot topic especially as it featured on BBC Breakfast this week. But this type of training has been around for years. HIIT's training (High Intense Interval Training) I use this weekly in my classes, PT sessions, Bootcamp and have done for years, but now it's high profile, it's being recognised that it gets results. What I say to eat for a healthy lifestyle, eliminate all toxic foods will be the same, but we (fitpro's ) have been saying this again for years...Get ahead of the game and be leaders in your healthy lifestyle not follow the herds, stand out from the crowds not blend in, be different.



My Top 5 Fitness for Fatloss, Nutrition and Wellbeing Tips

Fitness for Fatloss

1. Do short burst of intense exercises in timed sessions.   Metabolic Training, HIIT's, Tabata, bootcamp training methods are ideal, hard work but brilliant. 30 work/30 rest, or 40/20 or 45/15, 30/30/30/rest, 20/10 for a number of rounds making a 8-10 minute workout, do it 2/3 times a day or 25-30 minute session. Who wants to spend hours at the gym workout when you can do it in 10 minutes. Be affective and effective in what you are doing. Remember it's what you do in the time not how long you're at the gym/session. I can be at the gym for 2 hours and read the paper.....In and out in 20/30 minute done...!!!!, time is precious.

2. Train first thing in the morning, it raves and jumpstarts your metabolism, so you burn fat PW (post workout) up to 48hours (EPOC) Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption

3. Hit the weights and add resistance - Your always have weights with you, always!, your bodyweight is the best tool. On your Smartphone, select stopwatch, pick a time to work with e.g. 30/30 exercises 1.burpees, 2. push up, 3 mountain climbers 4. jump squats.. that 4 minutes, do 3 rounds = 12 minutes twice a day 24mins of work. workout done.. short, sharp, weight bearing, upper and lower body, intense, fatburning, epoc effects. On an iphone you can download an app called "Gymboss" it's free and it has interval timed session or you can go on to Amazon a buy a gymboss timer.. I use both.

4. I'll say it again, hit the weights, use free weights they are much more functional and more in keep with your busy lifestyles that we live, move and work in, it's a 3-D world. The body moves in 3 planes.1. Sagital-forward/backward- flexion and extension 2. Lateral/Frontal- sideways- adduction and abduction 3. Transverse -rotation.

Most fixed resistance machines in a gym train you in the sagital plane, think about it, you run forward, cross trainer, stepper, rower, cycle. How do you train, condition and strengthen your lateral/frontal or transverse planes of movements?, so you don't get injured. Help prevent injury by training for function

5. Repeat your timed intense workout 2/3/4 times a day for get maximum metabolism effect, a minimum of 40 minutes rest between each session, so you're always burning fat, even at rest.



Nutrition (It's not rocket science)

1. Eat fresh organic (if possible) meal/fish, veggie and fruits. (especially green veggies.) The more alkaline the body the more receptive to fatloss and better health.

2. Drink plenty of water (1litre to every 50lbs of bodyweight)       

3. Eat protein to start your day and jumpstart your metabolism

4. Take magnesium citrate "ate" not oxide type 400mg per day

5. Avoid the toxins. Processed food. Alcohol. Gluten/Wheat . Caffeine. Sugars. Grains


1. Get to bed my 10-10.30pm latest. Sleep & hormones re-balance and effect fatloss and health.

2. Allow yourself some downtime and rest (no computers or gadget)

3. You time - yoga, pilates, taichi, mediation, walk (de-stress)

4. Talk, get around success like minded people you want to aspire too and associate with them, learn and listen to the stories. What makes then successful, is that they do things differently and get different results.

5. Nutrition, exercise and mind-set will affect your wellbeing


Have you managed to get to "Knead It" the new bakery , 21 School Lane in Tiddington. Local owners Jane and Craig every Saturday open their doors 8am until sell out around 2/3pm. Jane kindly did a trial on some gluten free bread the other weekend, so hopefully in the near future might be put on sale... tweet her if you're interested in gluten free bread. Pop in and say Hi, Say I sent you....... Follow Jane on twitter @knead_it    

Staying fit and healthy

Hazel   x

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