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Posted by Hazel Oliver
Hazel Oliver
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on Wednesday, 06 January 2016
in Life

Ditch it and living your Life in Style..

Ditch it and start living your Life in Style..!

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Ditch it and start living it, live your life in style.

Why New Year Resolutions don't work!
Wow, did I say that
Well yes I did actually
here's the low down.

Your brains creates thoughts that are very, very powerful
and you either look on the positive or negative side.
Sorry, but I don't do negative at all.
Everything always has a positive with me,
I "FLIP It" and that a brilliant book by the way.
if your a reader. 

Its raining, - the grass is getting water
It's cold - making you burn more fat, your thermal regulates have to work harder to keep you warm
It's to hard, change the way you are doing it.
There is always a way but the path might be long and not direct

Back to your "New Year's Resolution," 
Well, you are saying there will be an end!,
so they have no longevity.
They are target (destination) driven,
a finish date, an end, by an occasion,
a wedding, a deadline time and date,
which is good and bad.
good in the way that you will train, to achieve that date and time
bad in that it ended, finishes and you go back to your old habits.
as it for an amount of time....!!, days, months,

It's driven by destination and not lifestyle driven.
it's need to be all about the journey and not the destination remember.

If you think about it why is it January 1st?
that makes you think change will magically happen
on that date?
Why not May 6, or November 16, why not NOW?

We need to be looking long term.
LIFESTLYE is where its at...

" Things do not change , we change "  Henry David Thoreau.

The things that stop you from changing are
* too much hard work?
* not enough time?
* pure laziness ?,  CBA (Can't Be Assed)
* or the fear of failing, your failing?

I've been saying for months, years...
it's  lifestyle
as it forever,
you train you mind and body in lifestyle healthy habits...

With New Years Resolutions,
we set ourselves up to fail.
Don't accept negative thoughts, FLIP it.

So, here's the link to take action on your lifestyle changes
if you want to make change or
stay as you are

Doors are now open for February..,
                         Actions speak louder than words..!



Be Brilliant
Be healthy, happy & laugh

Hazel " lifestyle" Oliver


Starting Thursday 14th January.

Improve you tummy, posture, breathing and pelvic floor issues
From post pregnancy to peri/ post menopausal,
then this is for you.
For every Women's at every life stage.

Want to laugh and joke without losing control
Want to jump up and down with joy without losing control
Want to cough or sneeze without losing control
Want to be you and
in control

Then why not join me, in January

New class days & times.

The Malthouse, Alveston, Stratford Upon Avon.
Tuesday 12th January 2016, afternoon at 1.30pm (The Gallery)
Wednesday 13th January 2016, mornings 9.15am (The Gallery)
Thursday 14th January 2016pm  evening at 6.15pm (Main Hall)

This will be a new course for both the foundation phase and re-fresher's.
6 week Foundation corse.



For the re-fresher programme..here the link


Hazel " in control " Oliver

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