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Posted by Hazel Oliver
Hazel Oliver
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on Tuesday, 04 March 2014
in Health

Clean Healthy Pancakes

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Good Morning......" It's Pancake Day"
Here's a healthy clean pancake recipe for you.,
http://paleogrubs.com/banana-pancake-recipes....   Enjoy :-)

What a Break through for women's health, at the Wellness Summit on the weekend.

As you know I was their last weekend and I had some light bulb moments happen to me.
As I said in my last post it was Relevant for Real Life Stages for Every Women.
We need to be addressing all these issues for women's health.
The topics of pelvic health/floor, wellness, mediation, relaxation, fitness training methods, pelvic pain, hormones,  prolapse, blood flow, release,  posture, breathing, core, sex, before, during and post baby, menopause, fertility or/and infertility and mindfulness were talked about.

This weekend has inspired me so much, that I'm working on a new Life and Wellness package..
6-Week Women's Life and Wellness Package
Weekly relevant topic, covering different subject like mentioned above, menopause, breathing, nutrition, juicing, hormones, relaxation, pelvic health/, incorporation fitness like Hiit's, pilates, yoga/taichi. 

Part 2
Marie Elliot - Women's Health Physiotherapist - Pelvic pain.
Marie has a very successful clinic in Hayley Street, London.  There are women queuing at the door everyday wanting her help, in this growing area of pelvic pain.
Pelvic Pain.....,can be so many things and our lifestyle isn't helping the matter..,
From sitting down all or most of the day, putting pressure on the pelvis or other internal organs.  You might sit at a computer or have a desk job, be driving around the country, picking up your children, it's all load through the pelvic area.

Do you have pelvic pain, a burning bladder or discomfort in this area.  Do you want to strengthen and release this area?..., in foofoo we release then we work and strengthen the areas.
So thinking ahead I'm opening up my next 6-week foofoo course now and here's the link below.  This next one starts after the Easter break Wednesday 30th April or Thursday 1st May.



Such pelvic pain as
SPD - Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction, IBS, bladder infection, Pudendial nerve is a key player, rectus diastasis, constipation.  All put the pelvic floor into an overload situation and the pelvic support is under pressure, so muscle can become short and tight including the pelvic floor.
Another key area is your gut health, this will affect your pelvic pain - so nutrition is key again.

By the way, here's the link for my next detox and start understanding about nutrition and getting healthy habits, we kick off 31st March.


Marie spoke about lots of release work,  on the myofacial lines, working on the parasympathic nerours system.
So get a massage, it will do the world of good,  relax, down time, it's all very important for your body.

Hazel "Pain Free" Oliver

Love this quote from Marie  "Do Less  - Be More" 

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