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Posted by Hazel Oliver
Hazel Oliver
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on Wednesday, 11 May 2016
in Life

Chelsea girl for the weekend

Chelsea girl for the weekend

The other weekend took me to London town,
to Chelsea & Westminster Hospital
to attend Pre/post natal massage course
enhancing my skills in C-section, Diastasis and other pelvic cavity
procedures like a hysterectomy.

How the amazing therapy of massage
brings healing and life to the body.

This was a refresher course for me,
but new techniques and science is always moving forward.

Loving the area of Chelsea,
never stayed that side of town before, loved it
Amazing shopping ladies and gents
and wonderful restaurants

We rented an apartment
very trendy, wine bars, wonderful café,
bars, very on trend.
a brilliant location for us,  just down the road from the hospital. 
We took over the physio department at the hospital for the weekend. 

Our daily trip the Pret the organic café,
next to the hospital for breakfast and lunch.

Then my friend Mairi booked us into Nama,
an Artisan Raw Food Restaurant in Notting Hill, OMG, it was amazing
if you ever want to try something different, then give it a go..
fresh, flavours, different, raw and totally out of this world to think
nothing was cooked!!
but tasted so amazing !!

The course was full on and got me thinking
about putting my skill-set together
So I've put together a Pre-hab backcare & massage package
in the same session
(Rehabilitation is the of prevent injury and aid quicker recovery pre & post operative)

Backcare Pre-hab, movement and massage therapy in one session
Increase blood flow, increase nutrients and healing to the affective areas.
Bringing about quick healing and recovery

Do you suffer from a bad back?
Are you sitting at a desk all day?
Do you stand all day with your job,
Do you lean over, like a hairdresser
Do you do any heavy lifting? or pushing anything heavy
Are you driving most of the time
Are you having a operation soon
Have you had an operation

If so , this could be for you
Improved movement, strength, function, balance, posture, focus.
Health benefits, de-stress, decrease blood pressure, increase range of movement and flexibility, better sleep. improve circulation and detoxify the body of toxins through massage.

one off session £67.00

3 session Package - £167.00

6 session package £330.00

Hazel " Chelsea" Oliver

Back care and Massage programme

Start building a sturdy foundation
then building a strong structure
If we build from the bottom up and work from the inside out

Looking at nutrition for healing
bone health and density
Massage also helps to move the fascia
helps detox the body of it's toxics,
move the lymph in the lymphatic system,
which will help remove waste and improve circulation of the body. 
Improve many other systems of the body,
circulatory, nervous, cardiovascular
urinary etc. 
Promote better movement, release and function

It's all about function and movement

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