Chained to your desk..

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Chained to your desk ..
Is this you, sitting as your desk for most of the day?

Have you had a C-Section procedure,
might not be a baby but hysterectomy,
oophorectomy or fibroid removal
or any other form of pelvic cavity operation, then this could be for you.

Do you spend a lot of your day in this position? if so,

How can this position be effecting your C-section health, wellness and recovery?
Due to our lifestyles, we might send a lot of time sitting,
inactive, sedentary, might not be through your choice
but work related and out of your control.

In that time of sitting, inactivity, the scar tissue is healing in this fixed position.
Not ideal for movement, function or lifestyle.
Do you feel stuck???,

With the Holistic Core Restore C-Section recovery & wellness programme,
helps,  guidance and support is at hand.
Giving correct exercise protocol and nutrition habits,
for you and your needs.
leading to better lifestyle and a healthy and happier you.
Giving you more range of movement, better posture,
better breathing and pelvic floor connection. Body awareness.
Back mobility and stability and so much for you and you’re body.

If you need help, here's the link.


Be brilliant, health, happy & laugh

Hazel " upright" Oliver



For the C-Section ladies...!/C-Section-Holistic-Healing-&;-Recovery/c/13415769/offset=0&sort=priceDesc

Is this YOU?