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Posted by Hazel Oliver
Hazel Oliver
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on Wednesday, 05 February 2014
in Health

Boosting my Immune System


Boosting my Immune system

I wasn't feeling on top of the world, my body didn't feel right, didn't have a cough or cold/flu,  none of that, just felt different, can't explain it but I felt different. So I went to the doctors, which I never do.  Anyway, had some tests, blood pressure, pulse, looked in my month, felt my throat, feet, all fantastic within the  "normal" range,  no problem.
But since Christmas I have had an irregular heart beat, but when I run I feel brilliant, no shortage of breath or anything like that,  but had really bad headaches, slight vision changes, life's stressors thrown in my way but that's normal for everybody, right...!!, work, deadlines, family, husband, projects starting & finishing, school run's, chidren's taxi service, oh Christmas was in there somewhere too... stuff,...  you get the idea, busy like we all are.

My results are back on Friday but in the mean time, I've been doing something holistic about it to Boost my immune system..., and take away possible Adrenal fatigue..
Adrenal Fatigue happens when the adrenal glands cannot cope with the amount or demands of stress put on the body.  The adrenal glands respond to every kind of stress thrown at it,  physical, emotional or psychological, through our hormones....!!!,(it's those hormones again....they have a lot to answer too....)that response to the energy production and storage of the immune function, heart rate, muscle tone and other fight or flight hormone processes that help us cope with life's stressors.
Stressors come in many different ways e.g  emotional - illness or a loved one, physical- a major surgery or a continued amount of repeated stress in our lives.  The adrenals have to react to stress and maintain homeostasis (balance)..Another subject for another day..  If they don't react, the adrenal glands will experience a degree fatigue/failure.  The Adrenal glands function will not maintain optimal homeostasis because the release of hormones have been hampered, usually by over-use/stimulation..
Increase my zinc - an essential mineral for immune function,
Loaded up on my antioxidants - even more wonderful fresh and brightly coloured fresh and veggie
My juicer is on overtime...., getting all that goodness and nourishment into my body.

Just goes to show what stress can do to the body....
Rest time - downtime is becoming more important to me..

Heal from the inside out.  Nourishment, here's the links...
Smoothie e-book  " A Garden in Your Glass"

Fatloss and Fitness Solutions

Hazel "nourished" Oliver

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Ginger...... is well know for it's natural antibiotic and decongestant properties
Ginger shot in the morning, warms the heart..... juice 1 apple and 1inch of fresh ginger, pour and down in one.. 

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