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Posted by Hazel Oliver
Hazel Oliver
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on Wednesday, 05 December 2012
in Health

Avocados Anyone?



Avocados anyone!!!                

This week's question was about Avocado's, good or bad..............

Avocados are on my shopping list, it's ok to eat them because they are really high in healthy fats.

You see, there’s far too much misconception that ‘fat is bad for you’ that ‘fat makes you fat’ when in fact, it couldn’t be further from the truth. It's sugars that make you fat..

All these low fat, lower in fat or fat free products, like ready meals, cereal bar, yoghurts, jelly, cheese etc,etc are all a big myth to try and make you feel less guilty about buying and eating them and make you pay more money for something that is equally as bad – if not worse for you than the ‘full fat’ version. These companies don’t care about your health; all they care about is lining their big fat pockets with your hard earned money!!!.

The real reason why our nation is getting fatter is not fats at all, it's all about sugars!!! We eat far too much sugar and it’s not always our fault – it’s hidden in all these processed low fat foods!, ice creams, biscuits, cakes. Consuming too much sugar can result in insulin resistance which makes your body store fat instead of burning fat…

More about that later on; let’s get back to those delicious, fat burning avocados!

Yes, an avocado is full of fat, but it’s full of good fat. Bad fats will contribute towards making you fat but good fat keeps you from getting fat. The mighty avocado is actually one of the best foods for fat loss.

Avocado is high in monounsaturated fat. Research clearly indicates diets high in monounsaturated fat are more beneficial for weight control because monounsaturated fat exerts beneficial effects on how your body uses blood sugar. (See I said we’d get back to why sugar is so bad)

Avocado possesses a double whammy when it comes to weight loss and blood sugar metabolism, they contain an amazing friendly carbohydrate called mannoheptulose. Mannoheptulose is a rare form of sugar, found primarily in avocado. Mannoheptulose has been found to lower insulin secretion.

To understand how the inhibition of insulin is helpful to fat loss we need to understand insulin resistance.

A big cause of the obesity epidemic is insulin resistance. Insulin resistance occurs when the cells lining your arteries become resistant to the action of the hormone insulin. Your body uses insulin to pull sugar from your blood and into your cells where it can be used as energy. When your cells become resistant to insulin your body has no choice but to store your blood sugar as fat – that’s exactly what we don’t want.....

People with insulin resistance make too much insulin. Too much insulin only makes the problem of fat gain and difficulty with weight gain worse. Avocado actually helps to reverse the problems that we see with insulin resistance, thanks to the presence of mannoheptulose and its high content of good.

So all in all avocados are brilliant, they are high in monounsaturated fats (that's good), aid insulin function to help us burn fat as energy rather than store it in fat cell... fantastic all round......

Now before you rush out and buy 28 avocados and eat four a day for the next week; I must clarify, that as with all foods – you can eat too many! Your body needs a variety of nutrients to function effectively and to remain healthy. I would say that ½ an avocado would be a standard portion and you probably wouldn’t want to eat more than a whole avocado per day.

So, don’t deprive your body of the nutritious avocado any longer… have them chopped up in salads, make a guacamole dip is delicious with homemade burgers, cut one in half & fill it with prawns & drizzle with lemon juice or a clean chilli....

Guacamole recipe                                                                                                     

3 avocados - mashed

juice of lime

1 tsp salt

75g diced onion

handful chopped fresh coriander

2 small tomatoes diced

1 clove garlic

1 pinch of ground cayenne pepper

Blend all together, refrigerate covered for 1 hour, serve

Be brilliant

Staying fit & healthy      

 Hazel :-)

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