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Posted by Hazel Oliver
Hazel Oliver
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on Wednesday, 07 November 2018
in Health

AromaTouch Technique

      AromaTouch by doTERRA 



AromaTouch is a beautiful massage technique - It was developed by Dr David K Hill.

It's a featherlike touch technique that works gently but powerfully on your body's systems, looking to bring about a state of balance and harmony to your body.

It's a 9 step lovely treatment with the amazing doTERRA Essential Oils. These AromaTouch oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade of oil, that's pretty top-notch quality.

These particular oils have been selected for their benefits they bring to the body and mind with this unique technique promoting health and wellness.  They are applied in a precise order and with its featherlight touch technique to give you the best experience of AromaTouch, giving benefits of wellness to you and your body.
Each oil has a many benefits to health and wellness that work on the bodies systems, your
respiratory, immune, cardiovascular, lymphatic, circulatory, hormonal systems to name a few. 

Do you suffer from anxiety?, are you nervous?, suffer from depression?, are you a worrier? or do you have a full on high powered stressful job, then there is an oil that would work on your nervous system, aiding stress management, working on calmness, wellness, comfort and relief.

Are you always feeling a little under the weather, catching colds or flu like symptoms - Theses an oil to boost your immune system.

Do you feel bloated or suffer from IBS or other inflammatory conditions - many food cause inflammatory issues to your gut health, therefore gut microbiome is key.

And who don't want to pick me up feeling of mood, energy, vitality.

Our bodies want to be in a state of Homeostasis - balance - balancing all your systems.

Balance -  as it says brings you into a state of calmness and well-being
Protection - fight and boost your immune system
AromoTouch - relaxing, calming effect
Relief for possible aching muscle, joint pain or discomfort and aid inflammatory conditions
Promoting better sleep and relaxation
and the pick me up, giving you more energy, invigorating qualities.

They are cleansing, help to focus, mental clarity, balance,  harmony, muscle soreness, enhance antioxidants, boost immune defences , aid relaxation, wellness, wellbeing, calmness and so many more benefits and relief to conditions you might be experiencing.
Want a piece of calmness in your life.

Allow an hour for the treatment £47.00

Here's the link by the way


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