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Posted by Hazel Oliver
Hazel Oliver
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on Wednesday, 02 March 2016
in Health

Are you blowing hot and cold?

Are you blowing hot and cold?

What's new?

Trust you all had a brilliant half term break and now the children are back to school,
you're also back into your routine.
Back to work and the gym
or running and your classes
or whatever it might be for you
before long its the Easter holidays,
as they are just around the corner.

My trip to Budapest, Hungary was fantastic and I highly recommend it.
Full of culture, grand architecture, high end shops if that's your thing.

I'm all for doing something different this year, as it's my 50th year.!
50 different adventure, challenges, experiences.
I did the Opera in Budapest.
outdoor ice skating,
plenty of running from bridge to bridge, a great 3 mile run.
although the weather wasn't the best,
it didn't stop us from doing the things.
The open top bus, the river cruises by day and night.
The market was fantastic.
So I got to cross some things off the BIG 50. 

Are you blowing hot and cold?
or just hot, hot, hot!!..

Over the last few months , I have been collaborating with other professionals in the world of Women's Health & Wellness

I've been working with two other leading Women's Health & Wellness professionals
Jayne Hume from Solihull, Birmingham, Director of Bumps2Babies
Fiona Mitchell, Leading Women's Health Physiotherapy Clinician,
Barefoot Clinic in Harborne, Birmingham. 
We have been working on this programme,
as we are all seeing these clients come through our doors
"Menopause Wellbeing"

We are running a pilot half day programme and we looking for 20 ladies to trial this for us.
" Managing Menopause Wellbeing"

The day is Sunday 10th April 2016, in Solihull, Birmingham.
9.00am arrival & registration
9.30 start - 12,30 finish.

Examples of some of the topics plus more
Blood tests
HRT options
Holistic options
Pelvic floor issues
Bone health
Pelvic Pain
Mental health
Sex life
Q & A

You will have the opportunity to chat to any one of us on the day after the event.
There will be other goodies too.

We are hoping for an short exercise session on the day(time pending), please dress to move ladies.

As this is a pilot event,  it will be offered at a much reduced cost of £37.00 instead of the normal £87.00.

If you are a women's in your menopause years,
and remember that can be as young as 35 years,
from peri to post menopause and beyond,

We are looking for feedback on the day, with a video testimonials of our experience.

There will be light treats, drinks throughout this half day programme.

As all three of us are offering this to all our ladies/clients and patients,
it's first come, first serve. 
We are only looking for 20 ladies to help us,
so if that is you, brilliant and hit the button below to book on.

This is an amazing opportunity get to learn from three different health and wellness professional,
in different areas of expertise in Women's Health and Wellness for £37.00

Here the link below to book on



Hazel " looking for 20 Ladies" Oliver

After my stint at the Health and Indulgence Show
that was held at the Holiday Inn in Stratford U Avon last month,
it was interest to hear from so many ladies, who have a problem and
in need for help, guidance and support in pelvic health.
from stress incontinence to more major pelvic operations to cancer awareness and wellbeing.
I meet so many lovely ladies that day
So a BIG thank you for dropping by to saying hi,
I hope you enjoyed the ginger shot...

So Rel(ease) and Relax might be the answer..

We always have a lot of focus on building strength,
muscle and fitness,
but we also need to  remember to balance that with Release work,
to down train, to stretch, to relax, to “Let Go”

What goes up must come down!

For so many of us Fitness = strength
But in reality fitness = strength, mobility, stability, flexibility
and the ability to move between tension and relaxation with ease.

The same goes for the Pelvic Floor, the entire core and indeed our whole body.
There has to be an easy flow between all states and ‘problems’ usually arise when that flow is lost.
HCR Release programme will provide you with the tools to focus
on small kit re-alignment strategies, breath work, mindful meditation,
mobilisations and Pelvic Floor down-training.

It’s an essential part of the puzzle that’s often neglected,
you will have access to the most cutting edge strategies to take away with you.
Never underestimate the power of a good lie down! Stretch and relax.

The Myofascial Meridian lines run thought out the body,
many of these lines cross at the pelvis and therefore pelvic floor
can be activated through strength or release and down trained
depending on the functional movement applied.
Our bodies move and function in a 3-dimeninatal way,
therefore it makes sense to work and release the body in these plans of movement.     
What’s included?
The hourly sessions, at time and day that work for you
Release methods and strategies from the unique HCR Release programme
Myofascial Release movements  
This bespoke programme is for you and your needs. 
Nutrition advice and information for healing.
Support and guidance.

Regular contact outside your weekly session.  
 3 weeks 1-2-1 programme



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