Is this for you?

Are you suffering from back pain, stiffness, tightness muscles, poor posture or co-ordination issues, lack of strength, core, focus or keeping concentration, breathing issues, could your balance be better, your sleep?…

If you have answers yes to the above…..,then Fitness Pilates is for you..!

Fitness Pilates is a functional upbeat approach exercise workout, that conditions the deep core muscles of our med-section, in a 3-dimensional space in which we all live and move in. Improving strength, mobility, concentration, posture, flexibility, function, focus, breathing, balance and stability, using tools like weighted ball, bands allowing the body to move in different directions, at different levels and speeds, so the core and other muscles are strengthened in all directions.

The movements are designed to give you suppleness, grace, flow and skills that will be unmistakably reflected in the way you walk, the way you play and the way you work. Becoming more of a “functional” exercise, working on all 3 planes of movement, Sagittal (forward & backwards) Frontal (sideways) and Transverse (rotation) decreasing risk of injury and increasing wellness and overall health, improved sleep, movement, flexibility to name a few.

Fitness pilates online £11.00 per session payg

Fitness pilates 6 week blocks £66

I love it, even though it finds bits of me that I've never known about, and which don't work. Getting to know what's going wrong is the first step to fixing balance, tummy muscles, stiff ankles....quite a few more :)It's fun - serious work in a happy environment. Very non-judgmental, lots of people in the same boat. Excellent teaching, with informed reasons for why we do particular things....makes it easier to try hard if you know why you are suffering! 

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