Another brilliant offering from Holistic Core Restore®.

Fit2Run programme for women.

Ladies and girls that run or are considering starting to run or belong to a running club or are starting the C25K government programme, this Fit2Run programme runs hand in hand with that offering, it also stands alone in its own right too, with support, guidance and strategies to help you improve your running, be stronger and are less prone to injury. 

Putting one foot in front of the other is super simple but it is also very complex, we just do it unconsciously, we don’t think about it, we just do the action of running and walking.  But do you suffer?

Do you have knee problems?
Do you have hip problems?
Do you have foot and ankle pain problems?
Do you have an back pain?
Do you have balance and co-ordination challenges?
Any YES’s to any of those questions above?, then this programme could help you.

If we were to addressed these issues listed above by mobilizing, strengthen, lengthening muscles, working on strategies for balance, flexibility, proprioception (a sense of tissues being stretched under tension and pressure) in your feet and activating lazy muscles, you would more than likely be able to feel and move better, limiting pain and discomfort?. 

This brilliant programme Fit2Run was created by global leading women’s health physiotherapist Michelle Lyons, for women, about women and women who might be coming back from pelvic health issues, leakage, prolapse, c-section, hysterectomy, and other women health related issues.   

Holistic Cor Restore ® is a specialist team of women who serve women’s health issues like the ones listed above and I’m super proud to be part of that team serving women in Stratford On Avon and North Cotswolds area’s

It’s been such a refreshing course to do, I personally feel it’s not only for runners but everyone.  We all walk and walking is running but a slower pace, therefore running and walking are both “one legged sports”, therefore the better we can run/walk the better we can function in lifestyle.  

I’ve learned so many new things, again super simple but also challenging.  
Try this one….
Standing in a runner pose, with your eyes open for 30 seconds each leg, then repeat and close your eyes for 30 seconds.  , then we add side to side head movement.

Fit2Run or walk programme ..
This amazing programme looks at flexibility, strength, core, thoracic rotation, dynamic movement pattern, breathing, posture, selfcare and relaxation.

The movement of running is just the same as walking but at a faster pace.
You need hip, knee, foot and ankle mobility and stability, we take a look at any
pelvic floor health issues, leakage, prolapse, hysterectomy, c-section, diastasis.

Strength training/work is such a vital part of a women’s overall health and wellness. As a post-menopausal women myself at 54.  I’ve been post-menopausal for 12 years plus, strength training it’s a key part to my lifestyle both physical and mentally. Every pre/peri and post menopause women need strength training/work 100%.  We need to balance those hormones with a little stress as possible.

The research tell us – 
Over 75% of women runners get injured in the first twelve months of running.
We as women are not fragile, we need to lift weights, women need to strong 100%,
“Master Runners” are women/male who run over 40 years old.
Achilles injuries are the most common is female runners.
Did you know a quarter of your bones are in your foot!.

Introductory offer 
6 week Fit2Run programme 
Starting week commencing 18th January 2021  
Delivered Via – Zoom (health & safety COVID)
Pre-screening form health questionnaire will be send out, please supple your e-mail address, this must be returned before the first class. 
Happy running

EarlyBird offer £77.00

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