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Body Shock

The ultimate Metabolic fat blasting workout!

Bodyshock is an equipment & choreography free workout, designed to fire up the bodies metabolism ensuring maximum fat loss plus muscle conditioning in one action packed workout, using bodyweight and interval training.


Core Collections

5 x10mins core exercises routines, making a dynamic functional class.

Total Body Conditioning, Dynamic, strength fusion "From the Ground Up "

An explosive workout that looks at lifting sequences to develop strength in fitness. This workout will take your functional ability to the next level and your fitness. This mixes common strength training principles with functional training.


Power Chi yoga

A fusion of tai chi and yoga. mild exercise programme designed to raise energy and concentration levels while reducing stress and tension, A sequence of dance like movements to music which blend the grace and power and effectives of tai chi with stretching, breathing, posture exercises with the yoga. chi yoga is a mind body workout.



This class consists of low impact cv and toning using the water as resistance and lots of fun, using water aids ,woggles, hand mitts.  Working in a functional training system.



An energetic class consisting of a number of stations with timed exercises.. strength, co endurance.


Body Blitz Stratford BootCamp

45 minute training session - high intersity, timed interval sessions, working on increasing your metabolism, EPOC for  burning fat amazing results... a class not for the faint hearted.

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Fitness Pilates

Functional Fitness Pilates is a unique exercise technique that conditions the deep core muscles of our med-section, in a 3 dimensional space in which we all live and move in. Improving strength, mobility, concentration, posture, flexibility, function, balance and stability, using tools like weighted ball, bands allowing the body to move in different directions, at different levels and speeds, so the core and other muscles are strengthened in all directions.

The movements are designed to give you suppleness, grace and skill that will be unmistakably reflected in the way you walk, the way you play and the way you work. Becoming more of a "functional" exercise, working on all 3 planes of movement, Sagittal (forward & backwards) Frontal (sideways) and Transverse (rotation) decreasing risk of injury and increasing wellbeing.


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