Holistic Core Restore® - C-Section

I am extremely proud to be able to offer this bespoke C-Section recovery healing programme on a 1:1 basis, with its whole-body approach to repair, healing and recover.

This proogramme is for you…:-

If you are or have experienced any of the following symptoms, no matter how old the scar is from three months to 20 years plus, this programme can help you.

  • A feeling of being stuck across the scar
  • Limited range of movement, especially in the back
  • A sense of pulling or dragging along the scar
  • Totally disconnect to your core, tummy and difficulty to connect to your pelvic floor
  • Unsure what exercise/fitness or movement is right to do for you and not making things worse.
  • If you have had uterine fibroid myomectomy or a hysterectomy oophoretomy, PCOS, endometritis

In the UK nearly quarter of births are via C-Section. In many other countries, even more and yet there is no real guidance on how to heal successfully from such a major pelvic cavity procedure.  With thanks to the explosion of gynecological conditions that require entry to the pelvic cavity via the C-Section procedure and the rise in hysterectomy for the menopausal woman, the need for a holistic programme that addresses the need for a growing and sizeable portion of any countries female population is way overdue.

For many women who experience slow, poor or painful healing, the appearance of and lack of ability to connect with their abdomen and pelvic floor post C-Section is a huge concern.

Blending my soft-tissue skills and knowledge gained from UK leading Women’s Health expert educator Burrell Education and the valuable unique Holistic Core Restore® programmes.  This package offers the following and with not have a silly sit-up in sight, this is all about healing INSIDE OUT! The emphasis is squarely on these fundamental pillars that help us to create a BESPOKE programme for you! No one-size-fits-all here!

We will work together on this HCR® C-Section programme, you are investing deeply in your health, wellness, fitness and movement for your future.

We start with a deep dive into a health questionnaire, that gives me a true deep understand what is going on in your body.

  • 3 x 60 minute sessions, 2 or 3 weeks apart, depending on progress (first session 90 minutes)
  • Analysis of your breathing pattern, as the breath drives everything.
  • Hands-on with soft tissue skills, to work on releasing stuck or tight areas around the scar and the whole body if required as we move as one global unit.
  • Optimum your nutrition, lifestyle and selfcare habits for deep healing and recovery.
  • Reconnection ‘Core Synergy’ – explanation and working on core connection and pelvic floor
  • Posture assessment.

Here’s the link below to book your place. 

Price £217.00

It's fun - serious work in a happy environment. Very non-judgmental, lots of people in the same boat. Excellent teaching, with informed reasons for why we do particular things....makes it easier to try hard if you know why you are suffering!

Liz B

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