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My 6 Easy tips for a healthy Mind Body and Soul

The TV programme ” The Truth About”  was another good one last week, Mental Health, some very interesting strategies I’m going to do add some treats into the groups over the coming weeks, to boost your brain health and function.
Here’s the link below if you missed it,  take a look 
The Truth About – Mental Health

It’s time to invest in your mind, body and soul to achieve some optimum health and wellness. 
I’m trying to make some simple healthy daily changes.

1 Get Enough Sleep – 
Probably one of the most under rated principle to having fantastic health, wellness and aids fatloss is SLEEP
6-8 hours per night.
Limited screen time., that’s the one I need to work on
Cut out caffeine, not bad on this one. 

My bedroom is like a cave – dark, cool, quiet (I don’t like sound, light or heat) I don’t have a TV in my bedroom either, I never have ever, so all good here.

2. Move and Exercise More on a regular basic – physical and mental health.

Movement and exercise are essential key elements to health and linked to both physical and mental health issues. 

Walk daily 20-30 minutes 10,000 steps per day
Lift weights or do bodyweight exercises for 20 minutes 3 times per week
If you are sitting all day at your desk, get up and move every 20/30 minutes, set an alarm on you phone or watch to move, stretch your body and legs.  

3.  Listen to Music  – regulate your mood, enhance wellbeing.

I don’t know about you but I love listening to music.  In the mornings the first thing I say is “Alexa- play Radio 1”, nobody is up before me in my house, I have teenagers, say no more.!!
I love all types of music from Soul, R & B, opera, the classics, Ibiza classic, house to heavy rocks moments then to the more peaceful, relaxing, calm chillout mood tunes for those stressful, anxious challenging times throughout the day, weeks or months..   
Love a good sing song, it has a massive feel good factor and boosts the happy hormones. (serotonin)   
Love having Music Police in my classes… 
4.  Keep learning – brain health and function
Dopamine is the hormone here for mood, motor control and sleep.
Keep your mind, body, soul and spirit healthy by exploring something new and different that will challenge your brain. 

Keep building new connection between neurons by learning something new.
Enrol in an online class
Attend workshops
Read a book 
Visit a new place
Do something different every month/year
Take up a new hobbit/sport 

5.  Make Gratitude a habit
I’m always grateful for the smallest of things, it means the world to me, could be someone saying thank you. love that class, a smile, speaking to family/friend on the phone, I’m thankful for a phone call and I appreciate peoples time and efforts. 
I think its a wonderful cognitive exercise to do, it requires regular reflection and increases your awareness.  

Why not start a gratitude journal 
Write 3 things you are grateful for everyday. 

6.  Engage with your community
I was listening to an introduction of a new programme called “The Longevity Roadmap” by Dr Mark Hyman, last week and its focus was Longevity –  lifespan and healthspan.
Talking about the oldest people on the planet and what they are doing differently for their heathspan. They are knows as Blue Zoner’s in the Blue Zone areas of the world.  Articles – Blue Zones

As well as good sleep, nutrition, stress management, relaxation, movement, exercise, environmental issue etc etc the biggest factor was a sense of COMMUNITY. 
Get involved with classes or groups, have a laugh and natter..

Lifespan – living too an amazing great age but can’t enjoy your life it due to chronic disease/illness – lifestyle driven.
Healthspan – living too an amazing great age but full of vibrancy, vest, vigour, a spring in your step, having a positive outlook on life and enjoyment.  Sleep, nutrition, de-stress, relaxation, restore, movement, exercise, non toxic environment, attitude, laugh, smile, togetherness ,community. .  – lifestyle driven.

I’m defiantly looking and working on enhancing my “health span” then my lifespan will be a side effect of my efforts . 
Healthspan is the way forward –  eating sensible, exercising and moving daily, have a laugh, drink a little red wine if you fancy, smile, be grateful and appreciate the small things in life, the pleases and thank you . Rest and relax, de-stress, call a friend, have a natty and walk, put the world to rights always does wonders for me.  Give it a go, you have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

Live your best life
You only have one.


It all counts…..Keep moving is the name of the game!
Fitness Pilates Flow

I feel that “Fitness Pilates ” achieve lots of fitness and health principles that we should be aiming forward to gain overall wellness, health and longevity.  
* Fitness levels
* Health health
* Cardiovascular (CV)
* Strength
* Bone health
* Flexibility
* Balance
* Focus
* Functional movement – reaching, twisting, bending, lifting, sitting
* Breathing
* Posture
* Concentration
* Co-ordination
* Core
* Better sleep
* De-stress
* Lower Blood Pressure
* Happiness
to name but a few.  

I watched The Truth About…..  on iplayer yesterday as Alison who was on my live Thursday Pilates class mentioned it last week, so I took a look
The Truth about …..Getting Fit at home
Here’s the video below. 

It’s defiantly worth a look, with many interest talks on lifting weights as we age and from any age, using resistance bands for bone and health health, about HIIT’s training, interesting for me as I’m starting HIIT’S sessions next week, after putting on two successful Chiyoga and HIIT’s taster sessions last week, both have great health benefits.
Look forward to seeing you on the mat

Brilliant for the Mind, Body and SoulStarting next week 25h January 2021….

                   Timetable 2021
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(timetable can change at any time)

Be safe
Be healthy & happy
Habits – Positive Routines 2021
Happy New Year one and all !..

With 2021 already upon us and lockdown 3.0, what are your top tips to staying positive?
I’ll write mine here and see if you can add some to make a brilliant read. 

1.  Routine – For me it’s sticking as much as I can to my healthy habits.  My morning routine.  Up at 7.15/7.30am, do my morning walk along with a coffee on my return.  Film as short fitness pilates flow video and upload to Instagram and other platforms Facebook etc.  Go thought what I need to achieve that day, what’s on my to do list by 9am..

2. Quick glance at any breaking news in my feeds,  I rarely watch the news, it’s all very negative and depressing.  I find people are quick to tell you want is going on. 

3.  Coach my Personal Training clients
Train myself my 100 press up 20×5..drink water 2 litre per day and my daily walk. ( what I set my intensions to be beginning of Jan 2021)  

4.  I film every day for my online clients

Pilates 60, Bite Size, women’s health clients, (except Thursday’s & Friday’s if things go to plan) 11-1pm or 1-3pm.  I then edit and upload to youtube, which on a good day will take me 2-3 hours on a bad day 8-10 hours plus, so it just depends..

5.  I get creative, make new classes,  new routines, music, all things that make me feel happy.

6. I listen to podcasts and/or Audible when I walk/run which I love, books, lectures on the latest research to keep my knowledge up to date.

7.  I study my online courses. 

8. Meet my friends for an outdoor distanced coffee and chat , it’s my therapy moment. – important to me 

9. Talk to my friends, mum and dad  ..

10. Cook for my family – going towards plant based eating, I have been for many months now. I love “The Happy Pear”.. follow them, great pear/pair of lads..

11.  Teach my live zoom classes a couple of times a week.

12.  Watch Netflix, read.  
I’m reading the Win Hof Method (a friend gave me at Christmas) at the moment, an interesting man with an amazing outlook on life and happiness.  

13.  Bedtime 10.30 ish ..

What about you – How do you stay positive?

Be positive
Be happy

Fit to Run/Walk
Starts next Monday, 18th January online delivered via zoom.. 

This 6 week course focuses on how to improve your strategies,  decrease injury and increase performance 
It’s not teaching you how to run or walk, most of us can do that, it’s much more in depth than that. 

Week 1 – Foot and Ankle
Week 2 – Claves and Shins
Week 3 – Building better knees
Week 4 – Hip Strength and Mobility
Week 5 – Lumbopelvic Mobility
Week 6 – Putting it all together with plyometrics 

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