Hazel Oliver

Hazel is an incredibly knowledgeable about health, wellness, movement and fitness especially in the field of Women’s Health.

Hazel’s passion for fitness started at the tender age of six, become an obsession through secondary school, college and continues to flourish to this present day.  She testifies that the reason she is so involved and commitment to this environment is due to the continual scientific developments in this fast moving world.

For the past twelve year’s Hazel’s studies have taken her towards being a specialist in women’s health and wellness.  She has experience of helping many women with delicate subjects such as issues of pelvic floor health, of stress and urge incontinence.  These issues might be very common, many women learn to “cope” but all said and done they don’t have to.  There issues should not be classes as “normal”, there are real and effective solutions to these problems.  Hazel can help with Prolapse, Hysterectomy, C-Section, Diastasis, Pre-Post-natal recovery massage, Menopausal, lifehacks.

Being a single mum of two teenagers comes with its own challenges in itself but Hazel strives to help women in need, coaching solutions to solve their problems with compassion, empathy, inspiration, support and guidance, walking side by side coaching women through some of life’s difficult and embarrassment moments.  

Hazel’s takes a whole-body approach to health, wellness, movement, and fitness.  She believes in coaching women ways to nourish to flourish, strategies to thrive in both mind and body, tools to grow and develop the whole person.

To Hazel education is the key, by educating her clients she works with the individual to find tangible workable solutions for their problems.  This is backed up with take home strategies for ongoing lifestyle changes, be armed and forewarned is a recipe for success.

To begin this journey of transformation and freedom a women needs to be heard and listened to,  Hazel always meets her clients one on one, either in person or online, for a confidential conversation, after the submission of an online pre-screening form and make a plan to move forward.

Many women suffer with a loss of their “mojo”, everyday life takes over and the women is lost.  Hazel has a toolbox of resources to help women find their mojo, feeling well and able to move freely, whether that’s Fit2Run, Fit2Lift, or any number of other Holistic Core Restore® programmes or pilates.  She is enormously proud and honoured to be part of the Holistic Core Restore® team, a network of specialists who work within women’s health, wellness and movement.  The team works closely with Women’s Heath Physiotherapists, as a referral route for any clients that require extra level of support.

Hazel has also suffered one of the most common women’s health problems, her love and dedication to fitness, or more specifically running caused a weak pelvic floor, she was and still is a  keen runner but had to reluctantly stop running after the birth of her second child.  For several years she suffered in silence with stress incontinence.  Just like many other women she was embarrassed and ashamed of what was happening and felt she had nowhere to turn, she never spoke about it and brushed it under the carpet.  Hazel did her best to ignore the problem, until enough was enough, she missed running and fitness so much something had to change.  She was well known locally as a top fitness instructor, who was super fit running back to back classes every week.  She would run, champion bootcamps, and breeze through HIIT sessions but she still had an underlining pelvic problem.

Hazel had no idea where to look for help, she knew that the answer for her wasn’t surgery or pills, she was looking for a holistic approach to heal the whole body.  She sought support and guidance in the unknown world of pelvic health and come across Burrell Education, the leading women’s health educator.  She dived headfirst into the learning all she could and become an Holistic Core Restore Coach in 2013 based in Warwickshire and North Cotswold.  The training gave her the skillset, tools and solutions to not only address her own problems but gave her the confidence to help other women seek solutions too, she knew she wasn’t the only women suffering in silence.  She was healthy, very fit but she had a pelvic dysfunction, for her it wasn’t about weight  loss or fat loss, it was about being able to function well, have great movement, sleep better, lift heavy, run, be stronger and feel better.

Hazel’s new regime saw her come back strong and even more passionate, she worked hard and successfully completely the London Marathon is 2015, alongside other local events, today she continues to run two or three times a week.

The journey is quite simple….  Hazel will guide you to consider sleep, nutrition, fitness and hydration, she will get you to analyse your self-talk, when you feel good, look good, happiness, selfcare and “me time”, as elements to the journey to wholeness.  Hazel’s is a post-menopausal women and has been post-menopausal for 12 years, it was a shock when she found out she was going through the menopause in her early 40’s, another women’s issue she knew nothing about, so she hit the book again with Burrell Education and gained qualification to work with this issue that affects all women.

On a slower more measured level Hazel is an accomplished Pilates teacher with over 15 years’ experience.  It isn’t just work for her it has become one of her daily healthy habits along with walking, Pilates pushes all the buttons for her encompassing movement, strength, core, co-ordination, focus, concentration, flexibility, posture, breathing, alignment, function, brain health, bone health and density as she works with bodyweight and small equipment.  Hazel genuinely believe it has kept her free from injury and pain.

At the young age of 54, Hazel looks and feels amazing, young in body and mind with a positive outlook on life, to her attitude is everything and how she has applied herself to situation and life’s challenges has made her who she is today.  She actively looks for opportunities to further her industry knowledge keeping up to date with the latest research and breakthroughs in wellness and movement, delivering high quality solutions to her clients.

As a final note, Hazel is grateful and mindful of all that life throws, there are always lessons to be learnt.  With the support and love of her two amazing teenagers, with changes to her habits and a couple of small steps outside her comfort zone, she has seen the amazing results, with a little commitment and dedication can do, step by side …. Magic happens!!

Be Healthy, Be Happy, Be Brilliant



Workshop nice group pleasant surroundings background relaxing music mats and equipment all provided Hazels teaching is both knowledgable and enthusiastic she is able to manage a group of 12 or so people and at the same time is able to keep us all under close supervision

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