Hazel Oliver

Hazel is an incredibly knowledgeable about health, wellness, movement and fitness especially in the field of Women’s Health.

Hazel’s passion for fitness started at the tender age of six, become an obsession through secondary school, college and continues to flourish to this present day.  She testifies that the reason she is so involved and commitment to this environment is due to the continual scientific developments in this fast moving world.

For the past twelve year’s Hazel’s studies have taken her towards being a specialist in women’s health and wellness.  She has experience of helping many women with delicate subjects such as issues of pelvic floor health, of stress and urge incontinence.  These issues might be very common, many women learn to “cope” but all said and done they don’t have to.  There issues should not be classes as “normal”, there are real and effective solutions to these problems.  Hazel can help with Prolapse, Hysterectomy, C-Section, Diastasis, Pre-Post-natal recovery massage, Menopausal, lifehacks.

"I have attended Hazel's Pilates class since it was started years ago. It is a testament to her skills as an instructor that no one has left the class in all that time. Hazel makes every class very enjoyable so I work hard at all the exercises. She has a sympathetic attitude towards older people and pays special attention to anyone in the group who may from time to time, be experiencing physical problems without neglecting the rest of the group. I look forward to every session!"

Sue Nightingale

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