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With classes including Fitness Pilates, Core Collections, Aquafit, Power Chi Yoga, Circuits and Body Blitz there's something for everyone...

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Read Hazel's regular blogs about healthy eating, diet and fitness...educate yourself to a leaner, healthier and happier you...

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We offer personal training for all fitness levels, either as a stand-alone regime or in corporation with our classes...

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Welcome to Hazel Oliver Fitness!!!

Hi, I'm Hazel and the fact that you have visited my site suggests that you are already take your health and fitness seriously, or are at least starting to think about it.

If you're already excercising regularly, eating a healthy diet and enjoying life more as a result, then this site is still for you - you can find out about my group classes, personal training and also pick up some health, fitness and diet tips. If you're new to this, read on...

Are You Ready To Git Fit and Healthy?hazel

Excercising, eating healthily and looking after yourself isn't something you can just do overnight!

It takes a strong mental approach, commitment, energy and most importantly - the will to change your lifestyle for a happier healthier you.

How can I help should be your first question, and the answer is simple:

  • I can educate you as to why you need a healthy and active lifestyle
  • I can prepare you mentally for the changes required
  • I can motivate you and help you stay committed
  • I can give you knowledge that will help in achieving your goals
  • I can bring you together with other like minded individuals
  • and much, much more!

Have I got your attention?  If your mind is already thinking, "Oh dear, commitment, energy, motivation...I am not sure this is for me", then you are exactly the sort of person that I can help the most.  Call me, email me or turn up at one of my classes - whichever way you choose to start making the change - I will be with you all the way!

What are you waiting for?


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